Saturday, October 22, 2005


This is a test.
Driving along smooth freeways, winding gently from suburb to city. You watch the pink sky turn indigo dusk through your windscreen as you travel swiftly. Behind you the reviewmirror reflects the eastern suburb already yawning and settling down for a quiet night in; while neon blue and stark white dazzle ahead, lighting up the dark buildings of town. The city, looming like a storm, ready, waiting. You bypass the CBD though. This journey takes you west - along new highways and contemporary warehouse conversions, squished together almost as if there isn't enough space to accommodate all that life. A trendy contrast to the wide sprawling lawns you left behind. The Western suburbs is the Eastern suburb's bratty younger sister, fighting for recognition but not really caring if she gets it. Brash, wide main highways breaking off into quiet unassuming communities. You realise this is yet another side of town you haven't explored. You know she has potential for surprise, this one. A myriad of cultures crammed into eachother's back pockets for decades are now watching the upwardly mobile move in and scrub things clean. This is going to have an impact somehow. She has secrets to reveal.