Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have a question.  Now I understand questions on the Internet rarely get answered seriously, particularly those on a journal that is only semi-functional at best, but I'll give it a go anyway.  What have I got to lose?  If you happen to read this over the next couple of years just humour me, okay?

There are a lot of changes happening in the Education industry that unfortunately reflect the times we now live in.  Schools are regarded as businesses, students as clients and teachers as the sweat shop workers.  This means that when changes occur it usually goes that like this:

You know that awesome program you were running?


Well, we're going to cut all funding towards it.

But what about the kids?

Oh, the kids will still get the program.  This is what's going to happen - you're still going to run the program.

But how?

You'll find a way.

This, oh e-friends, is what I am dealing with.  My particular program (something I get extra time out of the classroom to do) is not being funded anymore.  Of course, the program still *must* exist because it's curriculum, not "extra curricula".  Why not fun curriculum?  Who the fuck knows?

My first reaction was one of 'hands off'.  I thought, oh well - less work for me.  If I don't get the time then the job won't get done and that's not my problem.  I only need to look out for me, not for any body else.  Then I spoke to another teacher in the same position and she said that she was going to continue to do her role, in fact she saw it as a challenge to legitimize herself, particularly with upper management changing soon.  She didn't want to leave any room for someone to be able to undermine her work by saying that she wasn't doing 'the job'.  Since then I've received many pieces of advice which fall into two camps.

1.  Fuck 'em.  Look after yourself.  You can only do what they pay you to do and if they don't pay you then you can't do it.
2.  Prove to them that the program is invaluable.  Work your guts out.  Make it great - even if that means giving up weekends.

I'm not sure what is right and I'm not sure of what is right for me?

If your manager said that they were going to cut funding to part of your job but there was an underlying assumption that you should still continue to do that particular role and *squeeze* it into your life (even if that meant working longer hours) what would you say and do?  Is this a reasonable request?

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