Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stupid computer stuff and rant.

Yesterday in an effort to navigate the old key in the lock while simultaneously holding a rather too full handbag, a basket full of heavy folders and ....my lunch (why humans don't have three arms is beyond me. Obviously we need them!). I found myself in staring in full horror as my lovely external hard drive went from balancing rather perilously atop of my handbag to floating through the air to dropping SMACK onto hard concrete floor at my feet. I'm sure I heard it scream on the way down.

Just to clarify, that would be the hard drive that contains all of my weekly planners, photographs, music, REPORTS, learning plans, reviews and other official professional development files, resume and other documents of that ilk, planners I've been given (or outright stolen) from other teachers over the years... not to mention my own personal writing. Or to put it another way, every single file I have which is not yet backed up onto any other computer. Or ANOTHER way - my life.

Now when I plug in my HD it goes crunch, crunch, crunch, wiz, sad sound... device not recognised by computer on the Mac and on PC comes up on devise list but has a location of "0". How can it be there and NOT be there at the same time? I ask myself. I'm unable to actually access through Mac HD or My Computer though it's detected as "working properly".

oy dear. I've finally rendered an inanimate object as confused as I am. What an accomplishment!

I remain optimistic that putting it into the freezer will miraculously cure everything and it will work, right as rain in a few hours.

Just out of interest on a scale of 1-10 what are my chances of getting my data back via this method?


In other news, I need to get something off my chest re work and there seems to be noone about I can offload onto. Luckily I have my trusty blog to spew forth my petty grievances.

I happen to have that cough that has been going around lately. Much of my grade has come down with it, with a couple coming down with pneumonia. I've only had one sick day this year so I decided to take another today and due to cough getting worse, tomorrow too. This is all good, I have a certificate. I'm really sick! When a teacher gets sick they call an emergency in to cover for you.

Of course, prin decided that she wouldn't use my emergency teacher tomorrow to cover my grade. Oh no. Instead my grade is going to be split between the other classes and MY emergency teacher will be used as extra staff on a sports day.

I'm so angry because I'm OWED an emergency teacher. Why should my grade be split up - which causes an inconvenience to not only my children but also to the other teachers in the school? Why should other teachers be punished by having extra children in their classes all day? Why should I lose a sick day when in reality my grade doesn't even see the benefit of it? It's ludicrous! So what am I going to do? Well I'm going to pack a packet of butter menthols and turn up at school tomorrow, that's what. I'm just fuming about having to do so when it's my right to be sick when I'm sick instead of being put in this position. I'm angry because there is no way that I can phone the prin now and say that I've heard that she's splitting my grade and therefore I'm coming in. No, I'm going to have to call prin and pretend that I'm all better.

Yesterday I was telling a friend of mine that teachers are chickenshit because we care about others. That has cost us not only a decent wage but everyday rights as workers. As VP says "we are the ultimate service industry". Indeed, I've just proven him right. I'd love to say a big fuck you to everyone, but in the end my children suffer and I'll get the brunt of the bad vibes because - wow I'm sick and everyone else has to suffer because of it. No thanks. :(

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