Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'll be the fire in your flaming star

I'm having a difficult time trying to grasp my current work situation. I'm working with a new "manager" who pretty much does nothing but talks a good game in order to cover up. As a consequence she always comes up smelling like roses despite her shortcomings..

The new manager has come in following a decision I made not to renew my managerial role with my team. Why did I do that? I was getting sick of doing a lot of work that was way above the position I was being paid for. I was also tired of working with and basically trying to hold together a team that upper management knew didn't work well together. When I saw that upper management left the team as is, I knew I had to get out or go crazy! Upper management made a very bad decision as to who they brought in to replace me (against my advise actually). They needed someone dynamic, hard working, someone who has good ideas and is enthusiastic. We got the opposite - but she is the Prin's "golden girl".

My natural instinct when faced with incompetent people is to come in and mop up the mess. I'm a pleaser, you see. This time, with advise I've decided not to be the pleaser. I've decided to take a step back and be the selfish observer. If she comes to me for advise then I will gladly help her though. I want the team to run smoothly but I also don't want to be doing someone elses job.

Before our planning meeting I emailed new manager a list of what needs to be done, and she did not address any of the things on the list. In fact she spent the day (6 hours) filling in a student evaluation card. I'd imagine that if you were a manager you would want to get everything on track quickly - I'd also imagine that if you had 21 years in the industry and at least 10 of those years in senior management you would know how to chair a meeting. I get the feeling she is playing "funny buggers" and trying to trick everyone into doing the work for her.

I don't think I know how to handle this situation further.
Have you ever dealt with someone like this? What can I do? Heeeeeelp!

Meanwhile onto Musical Monday - Today: At First Sight - The Stems.

How I love this song! oh, it's glorious twangy guitar and smileworthy lyrics. So melodic! So beautiful. This song, like so many others has come right along and nestled right into my heart. I have to make a confession dear reader (how many are there left? Two? Three?) Every other day I thank my lucky stars (and I don't have that many believe me) that I can hear and listen and imagine and that is not a word of a lie. Scouts honour and all that. I just don't know what I'd do if I couldn't hear these little tunes that have somehow become the best kind of family a girl could have.

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