Monday, November 23, 2009

The Peter Pan Syndrome

I had to yell at a grown man to do his job properly today.
That's right... yell.
It wasn't pretty.

When women are incompetent (or just want to get out of doing stuff) they play the damsel in distress card and if you happen to be good looking it works a treat with male bosses everywhere. *Bat eyelids*, but I just don't know what to dooo? *Bat eyelids again - bit of a pout*. God knows what ugly women do? Probably just get down to work I guess.

Meanwhile men have got the old Peter Pan Syndrome to fall back on. It's a tried and true recipe to get you out of ever taking any kind of responsibility for your job description. *joke, joke, joke ...oh you're trying to tell me about a problem you have?... let me deflect with this joke, joke, joke, disappear... oh you're going to track me down until you find me?... deflect by trying to confuse or blame others.. joke, go home early*.

What is with that? Why can't people just get in there, do their job and then go home? Why do people have to make it so hard by being fucktards?

I'm dealing with Mr. Peter Pan Jr a work at the moment and I really let him have it today when he told me to go and "do some homework" about a certain technical probably dealing with proxys and other server related accessibility issues that was HIS to deal with. I'm sorry, but that would be why he gets paid double my salary isn't it? - That is, to know his shit and get back to ME about it. Yes, Peter Pan happens to be in IT which is basically a euphemism for ... well I'm not going to say it... but seriously, does anyone NOT have a problem with their IT people at their place of work? We used to have one who was absolutely lovely, and would actually go out of his way to sit with you and work things out but it just turned out in the end that he had fucked our system up, and left us in the lurch. Still, I miss him. Especially since, every single other guy we've had in this position has been a complete moron who:

1) won't do their job
2) will actively try to get everyone else do to their job for them.
3) blames everyone else when their incompetence fucks things up.
4) outright lies about technology and makes the mistake of thinking that people who aren't in IT don't know anything about computers when yes actually we know you're lying because we're not retarded and do live in the 21st century you know!!
5) might actually have IT disease, which is the disease most IT people have.. which is why they end up in IT in the first place.*

Peter Pan is being re-employed next year. Why? Oooooh he's Peter Pan.

Who doesn't just love Peter Pan?

* to any IT people reading this out there... no offense, but you know it's true.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

hollandaise revisited

I don't think I trust people who don't like hollandaise sauce. It's like I also don't trust people who order decaf skinny lattes. Seriously, what a joke! Just drink water instead people. But back to hollandaise; it's a creamy, velvety sensation in your mouth, made out of two of the world's best things - eggs and butter. What's not to love?

A while ago I tried to make hollandaise sauce at home. It was such a disaster that I even blogged about it here. Since then I have enjoyed my beloved hollandaise only if I'm ordering it off the menu.

Well today I decided that I was going to try this again. I mean it's only a few little eggs, right? I can master that?

This time the recipe totally WORKED and with artichokes inspired by Julia Child it was yum! Seriously YUM.

I think I just might be a little bit gifted in the kitchen.

...okay I'm totally useless in the kitchen but it was still YUM!!!

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