Sunday, November 22, 2009

hollandaise revisited

I don't think I trust people who don't like hollandaise sauce. It's like I also don't trust people who order decaf skinny lattes. Seriously, what a joke! Just drink water instead people. But back to hollandaise; it's a creamy, velvety sensation in your mouth, made out of two of the world's best things - eggs and butter. What's not to love?

A while ago I tried to make hollandaise sauce at home. It was such a disaster that I even blogged about it here. Since then I have enjoyed my beloved hollandaise only if I'm ordering it off the menu.

Well today I decided that I was going to try this again. I mean it's only a few little eggs, right? I can master that?

This time the recipe totally WORKED and with artichokes inspired by Julia Child it was yum! Seriously YUM.

I think I just might be a little bit gifted in the kitchen.

...okay I'm totally useless in the kitchen but it was still YUM!!!

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