Friday, June 29, 2007

whine wine

I had a mental breakdown at school today. Perhaps MB is a tad over dramatic - it was more a spazz attack. I tried to keep it private and civilised but when you work in the A.R. on the last day of school you end up dealing with a lot of people traffic and sudden intrusions on your time. Suffice to say, the overwork, underappreciation and knowledge that I simply cannot get the things I need to do done has finally caught up with me. Thank God, it's been a long time coming. It's about time I spazzed out.

I don't cry in public - actually I can count the time I have cried in front of someone else (as an adult) on one finger - but today I made up for it big time. I lost count of the people that saw what we shall now shamefully refer to as "my little episode" and quite frankly I don't care. I always said that if it was going to happen it would happen on a grand scale and involve a situation whereby people really should be worried. They were. Rightly so. I am not a girl who uses tears to manipulate any situation so it was extremely bizarre for other people to see me cry.

I always wondered what would happen if a teacher spazzed out at our school. You know what happens? Kids look worried and tell teachers. Teachers give you hugs, sympathy and promises of help. Management, on the other hand does nada except look at you weirdly and then impotently open their mouths so that no words come out and slink away back to their offices. They know why I'm overworked and they've known that I've been beyond stressed and unable to cope for weeks now but did nothing to help the situation by giving me the time I needed.

I am quite frankly too exhausted and half way through a nice bottle of red to care much now - but I was angry at first. I was frustrated that in knowing my impossible work load and the amount of work I've been putting in there was little acknowledgement of how overworked I've been and/or offer of help. I know of one other member of staff who is taking stress leave next term and another still who is strongly considering it.

It's one thing to manage a business but how can someone be a boss/manager if they have no idea of how to look after people?

Anyway it's a good thing I have two weeks to myself for school holidays. The worst thing I could do was to face everyone at school on Monday. I might not be a crier but I have a mouth that has a knack for hitting the nail right on the head when I feel I've been wronged. Sometimes it's better not to let people know how shit they've made you feel...especially when they pay your wage, ya know?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

A disjointed list

A covert operation planned between friends
Winking to each other in the school hallways for weeks now.
To take a day or three and just escape.
Up north, where we're told the sun still shines.
To a Tiny Town (to borrow a phrase)
Rush to the airport - park illegally
Crunching sound of a side view mirror against a pole - ouch.
Panic, maybe we won't make it on time
RUN to the check in (laughing)
Breathe out; Tickets confirmed!
Time to park properly.
RUN back to the gate - paged - oops we're late again.
Relax and put feet up - leaving behind the stress, tears and work.
Nervous excitement - we finally did it!
The elated reconciliation of old friends meeting again.
Drinks and food (and drinks..did I mention that?)
Promises that it won't be a weekend of 'running around'.
Meeting RO's husband, everything she said he was: Bloke with a capital B and twinkly eyes to boot!
Taking walks down empty beaches littered with occasional pebbles
Smoothed over by the constant crashing of water.
Conversation warmed by the sun.
Watching the surfers zip up their wet suits and chase the waves - envying their relaxed athleticism.
Amusement by the surf war pavement scribbles: "QLDers go home".
Daydreams framed by crashing waves and contented sighs
Sleepy eyed late night talks while listening to the surf.
Sipping at a red ...white ...red ...oh I forget
Music; louder than it could be
Jokes; naughtier than they should be
Dancing; dangerously daggy.
Company; progressively 'spaced'
Groggy start to each morning - peering at the view over a hot morning coffee
Lazy lunches in surf villages - this is how it should always be.
Four wheel driving along the shore
...On second thought perhaps I should have skipped that lunch.
Spotting dolphins in the distance
Hikes to the lighthouse
Picking the house we'd buy if we won lotto
Taking photos we really won't ever show anyone
Collapsing into the pillow at the end of it all
Only to wake up and wish I could do it over again.

Perfect soundtrack by a near perfect band: Do It Again - The Beach Boys

Do it again - The Beach Boys [click]

And one more, because I just love this one so much:

In my Room - The Beach Boys

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

catch me falling

As a child I had this habit of reading well past the hour of appropriate sunlight. You could often find me pressed up against the window with the book angled to receive the last splinters of light. My mother said: "Turn on the light or you'll go blind"
"Stop reading and do something useful" was my father's opinion.
I still do it now when I'm too engrossed in a passage to bother shifting my comfortable book reading position. Reading well past the hour of appropriate sunlight and wondering whether I'll finally go blind.

The same could be said for my relationship with earphones and music. Loud was the only volume deemed acceptable. I often had people coming in from the next room and gesticulating wildly at their own ears and mouthing "turn it down, you'll go deaf". Only they weren't mouthing, they were shouting. It just looked like an amusing mime from where I was sitting. They were probably right. Today, I get occasional ringing reminders of that music when I'm silently thinking or doing the dishes or writing. I still play my music loud like it's the very last time I'll ever hear it. I was never one for lessons learned.

Here's a song you don't have to play loud at all. Soft works. Loud works. In my opinion, everything works - but I don't ever come across people saying they like it. Go figure. I guess this is one of those times where my opinion is different from most peoples.

I liked the band Phoenix from the first moment I heard them, that is; before Too Young was featured in that movie where Gwyneth Paltrow gets dressed in a fat suit and pretends to be ugly. I remember being in the car with E and the song Too Young came on the mixed tape I'd made (of course my first car had a tape player!). I said: "I love this song even though it's really daggy. It reminds me of cruising in a car along the beach during sunset". We listened a while. She said: "you're right, it *is* daggy*". hmm

I was surprised to hear they were French - since when I think of beachy sunsets France doesn't really come to mind. This is despite the fact that I have witnessed a beachy sunset while I was in France. I think of California or somewhere like this place instead. Considering my Musical Monday on AIR I guess I must really like groovy French bands who sing in (mostly) English.

Anyway, their sound now is less; driving along the beach, but something a little more guitar based and surprising. I like it and recently when I saw them in concert they surprised me by being so, so much better than I thought they could ever be.

This song here Run, Run, Run is from their second Album Alphabetical - and has a bit of 'I'm a little bit out of place at this party' kind of feel to it. Which makes no sense but is basically how I feel most of the time. It's groovy and thoughtful and ..okay it's still a bit daggy*.

Run, Run, Run - Phoenix

*sort of like 'dorky' but dorkier.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Misadventures of Quotegirl

You know when you hear that great song on the radio?
..she's just a girl who says that I am the one but the kid is not my son...
bro: Do you think that this song is a response to a girl who walked in on Michael Jackson in bed with her son and he's all like "hey, what you so mad about, he ain't MY son"?
me: ....that is fucked UP

The Falafel Conundrum
bro: What's so good about falafel anyway?
me: huh, what the hell are you talking about? Everyone fucking loves falafel, people go crazy over it.
bro: I don't think it's that good. In fact, it's shit.
me: Well yeah, but you could ask anyone and anyone would probably disagree. It caters to the finger food market, to the vegos, you can eat it hot or cold..you can dip it in stuff... People love that crap.
bro: Yeah well I disagree with that. If you offered a better alternative then people would take it.
me: Of course, so what's your better alternative then?
bro: ...sushi.
me: oooooo..you should do a research study on it.

Prams and Ma'ams
me: oooo, here's a question I've been wondering about for a while and now that you're a mum you can finally answer it for me!
#1: okay..
me: you know when you're at the shopping centre with your pram, do you intentionally try to mow innocent non-babied people down?
#1: HELL yes! We have no mercy, we don't even care.
me: Bastards! I will no longer feel guilty for getting in their way. I'm going to step in front of them and do that thing where I suddenly stop and look around dazed like I don't know where I'm going and just when they try to get round me I'm going to start up again and block 'em off. This is WAR!

The Sandpit
*kids digging in the sandpit*
me: Hm, so what are you guys doing over there?
kid #1: We're digging the biggest hole in the world.
kid #2: YEAH!
me: wow, it does look pretty big. Soooo...then what are you going to do with that hole?
kid #1: Um.. then we're going to wreck it!
kid #2: YEAH!
me: ...well...good luck with that.

Speechy: Sometimes I feel bad for looking so forward to the end of term.
me: Feeling bad? I'm beyond feeling bad. Bring. It. On.
Speechy: So how are you going with your reports?
me: hahaha, I'll let you know once I've started. I've got so much other stuff to do first that I haven't thought of them yet
Speechy: Aren't they due in 2 days?
me: You know what? Prin can wait until I'm good and ready!
Speechy: Yes, it's horrible right up until the bitter end isn't it?


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm having a hard time with the kids lately. Any teacher out there knows that when there's only a few weeks left of term something happens to the kids - they go feral. Now, this would be okay except that towards the ends of term something happens to normal teacher workloads - it goes up. In my case - because I've been working on a little project for prin as well as doing the reports and other work my workload has literally quadrupled over the last month. I'm finding it incredibly hard to keep up with my work AS WELL AS teach.

I wish I could explain a teacher workload towards the end of term but I'll try. From talking to friends who are not teachers I have it on good authority that the amount of extra work I am doing now is eqiv to about a days worth of normal workload in an office job in a company of any description. That's fine except imagine that every single hour of your day ALSO involved 25 needy, sometimes incompetent, sometimes rude, sometimes lovely, mostly egocentric of your most important clients (ie: or 20 of your employers haha) coming to your desk and just demanding things all at the same time and they kept doing that for the whole day ...forever? You can't tell them to fuck off because you HAVE to take care of them first - BUT the clincher is that in terms of your boss and clients they NEED this OTHER work done pronto FIRST as well. You can't do two things first now can you? Just how much of that workload do you think you'd get done? Not a lot. Imagine if you were a head chef in the busiest restaurant in town AND the head waiter at the same time - plus you ran the accounts after hours? You have to do all three, no delegating - just how effective do you think you'd be?

So since it's impossible to teach AND get all our work done at the same time then us teachers are getting more and more frustrated as the term comes to a close. So teachers are frustrated and stressed and the kids are feral - great combo, huh?

My everyday workload is like the above scenario but lately because I've got so much other pressure on me the whole situation is magnified. I can't concentrate fully on my classes because I've got so much else to do - but I can't concentrate fully on my other workload because I have to teach my classes and get THAT stuff done. It's an impossible situation and I'm finding myself unable to cope with all the "extras".

Today there was an incident in the AR where a group of students were acting up. I was also hard at work and trying desperately to get things done and stressed out by that so a situation that might not have got the best of me a few weeks ago really DID tip me over the edge today. The thing is, I can't see how I could have been "better". I was overwhelmed by work and I will always be so, that is the nature of the job - but at the same time I realise that if I was not overwhelmed then I would have handled the situation better. It was a no-win situation for me.

Anyway, as it happened this group of students were misbehaving and after accessing the various routes of discipline (warnings, time out, send to prin etc) it wasn't getting better so I packed the whole grade up early, told them I was basically disgusted and made them all go back to their classroom for silent reading. They then received extra punishment at recess etc.

You know what? I *wish* someone would give me silent reading as a punishment though. It's a reward isn't it? I kept looking at these kids and WISHING I could pick up my book and settle into a hazy fantasy for a while. I just don't know how to make things easier while I teach but still get all this other stuff that I need to get done, under control? Should I be working instead of blogging? ;)

How does one stay on top of things AND crowd control at the same time?

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Yeah, you know her

A while back when I wrote my Kate Bush Musical Monday, I said that she was the quintessential vision of femininity. What I didn't mention though was that I had another woman in mind for the same compliment - Debbie Harry. She however is a different kind of femininity, yet a vision nonetheless. Where KB was sultry in an ethereal way, Harry was the cool, edgy, fashionable femme. Don't ask me how I can adore both women but I do. While they represent different versions of femininity (right or wrong women in rock are held up as representatives of their gender, while men in music are not) I find each as appealing as the other - and not just about their femininity but also for their music.

My relationship with Blondie started around the same time as my relationship with Kate Bush - I was young. I was aware of Debbie Harry. I put on my mother's red lipstick with vasaline over the top and paraded around sashaying my shoulders pretending to be her, however it wasn't until my late teens, perhaps 18 or 19 where I really appreciated her style and the music as a whole. I guess it was around this time (perhaps a bit earlier, in high school) where I started to be really interested in the New York style punk movement in bands like The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads (another MM post) rather than just listening to the music. Though, let's face it - that's what is most important. Does everyone go through that phase, of wanting to understand the whys and wheres of a certain musical scene/history? God knows I did.

Anyway, I was 18 or 19 and I was discovering my own femininity too - that is; the power that women can have over men if they so choose it. I think there's probably a moment for every girl where she discovers that there is power in being a woman. It's a weird sort of power that I've never actually reconciled within myself - probably because it is purely a physical thing. I have my own reasons for struggling with that, and also in a way being angry about being forced into that kind of position as a woman actually. If you choose not to then you're not quite woman are you? If you choose to use it however, you might just be a tease or a bitch or ...well label it what you will - god knows there are too many labels to list here. I never quite wanted that power and I'm not quite down with women who really enjoy manipulating it either - but it's there, regardless. I think part of growing up girl is being faced with the knowledge that you might be sexy to someone. It's fun, it's scary, it's affirming and it can also be a bloody piece of shit that drags you down into the abyss too. Great time to really get into Blondie - half playboy bunny, half serious muso - (love the contradictions) though.

To me though, Harry wasn't simply sexy and feminine. There are some singers who are purely about the vision but Debbie Harry is not one of them. She's not just a sexy version of femininity and style but she's also an amazing singer and the Band, Blondie - still sound fresh and relevant. How can that be?

Today, three songs - why? Because I can.

1) Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie

Love the lyrics and rawness of this one. If you want to discredit a woman why not rip her to shreds?

2) Rapture - Blondie

If this was Rage TV and I was a guest programmer (which is my DREAM - I shall do a MM on it soon actually) this song would be a certainty in my top video clips. Debbie Harry looks stunning - the baseline is amazing the song is awesome and while it took me a while to get over the white girl rap thing I now love it!

3) Atomic - Blondie

This is a bloody great club pop song. I'm going to go have a dance actually.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Return to Sender

Dear Sheriff Lee Baca,


Why did you release Paris Hilton from jail 42 days early? Is it because you saw her as a beautiful damsel in distress? Did you feel sorry for her because she cried? Was it because you were hard up?

Or maybe, you are just an incompetent shit for brains Sheriff that needs to retire ASAP.

Sick of Dumb Cops.

Dear Paris Hilton,

You are like, so NOT HOT! *giggle*

I bet you thought you were home free when you got released for "home detention" but instead you got served a can of whoop ASS and chucked back in! I laughed my head off, no really I did.

Not a Fan.

Dear Laura Doyle,

Your book "The Surrendered Wife" claims that a woman who never questions, criticises, or objects to their husband's decisions and demands and furthermore gives over all financial and decision making power to him will have a happy marriage.


Of course! Why would you ever have a fight with someone who is a plastic sex toy? There's no use fighting with that!

Unfortunately no one informed you that there is this other thing that exists in happy marriages - are you ready? It's called COMPROMISE! I know, it's a new fangled concept but I hear it really works. It's when both wife and husband hear each other out and try to accommodate the other party. Sometimes it works more for one, but sometimes it works more for the other. In the end, if done correctly it all evens out.

But I do agree with you on one thing - yes men should buy their own undies.

Dirty Femmo.

Dear Other Drivers on the Eastern Freeway on Wednesday Morning,

Did you see that Kangaroo bouncing happily towards the city, right alongside morning traffic?

For a second there I really felt like one of those Aussies that people overseas actually think we are (but aren't).


Amazed Aussie.

Dear Man on Street in North Melbourne Last Night,

When you started moaning I clutched my handbag tight underneath my arm and walked faster but when you actually looked at your hamburger and started talking to it I became a contender for the 100m sprint in the next Olympics.

Are you a few short or did you have a few?

Chick with Handbag.

Dear Self,

So bro convinced you to go to the football to see the Hawks V Swans. It's been a while since you've been (12 years?) and about that long since you even thought about watching a game so you decided it would be interesting in a performance art kind of way to go.

You started the day like this:

"How now brown cow?"

And ended up like this

"Come on Dover, MOVE YER BLOOMIN' ARSE!"

They can't take you anywhere.


Dear Your Majesty Queen Blah Blah Blah,

Thank you ever so much for having a birthday so that we, a part of your humble monarchy may partake in a long weekend. Do you realise how excited we all were to have a three day weekend? I'm not a monarchist but I am a fan of public holidays

Fan of Public Holidays.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Great Unwind

It's been a long time since you last took this road home. This evening you're on automatic pilot - wheel gripped in hand. This is a form of therapy you can afford - a long drive on a narrow curling ribbon of road with a view of the sun setting behind the trees. Bliss. You think better when the detail has been taken away; the world looks simple and innocent framed by a dusty pink sky behind a silhouette of blackened trees. How did you let things get so cloudy so easily? Why do you tie yourself so tightly to your feelings, emotions and intuition when surely being strategic and clinical is more conducive to getting 'it' done?

You stopped gripping at the wheel a while back and now it glides smoothly through your palms. Breath exhaled. Your mind a series of peaceful alpha waves. The music from the car stereo gives you a bear hug around your heart. The great unwind works every time.

You flash past an elvish row of glowing shop front windows, a decrepit service station, a faded zebra crossing and row after row of thick criss crossed naked trees but none of it matters, it's all just background noise. The world blurs, just like you want it to. This drive is dedicated to an unwinding that doesn't seem to happen as naturally as it did once upon a time. Nowadays it's something you need to schedule into your day. You feel the stress dropping off as you drive further into the trees. Your breathing becomes low and measured with each km clocked up on the odometer. Your thoughts slow down until you can actually think them.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

mixed bag

News hitting the headlines: Police find fugitive crime boss Tony Mokbel living it up in Greece. I have only one thing to say - WHADDUP WITH THE WIG? The man is worth many many millions of dollars in drug money, lives a ridiculously lavish lifestyle and yet he cannae afford to buy a decent wig to protect his own identity while ON THE RUN! I hope I don't get offed for writing this but he looks like a joke. I'm just confused by the whole thing. Is someone having a lend of us or something? He was seriously found wearing this? I had a better wig in my Barbie showbag in 1987! It was one of those tinsel ones.


I'm getting the distinct feeling that my friends are worried about me. We have this dinner club going where we each get a choice of restaurant to go to each month. Anyway, the last couple of times I've been busy on that allocated night but the night has been changed in order to accommodate me. This is lovely and all except that in the past other people have also had things on but we've always gone ahead and had the night anyway.

The big clue in that something was going on was L inviting me to a trivia night earlier in the week. When I didn't respond to the text message (because I was busy - also because I'm pretty much crap at returning any kind of messages) she sent a message that simply said "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Miss M! You *have* to". This is a big clue as I am not exactly the best addition to a trivia team. You can pretty much count me out for sport, politics, history, current affairs and geography. I think my friends are trying to get me to be ..you know, normal. I appreciate it but am also feeling a bit socially retarded because of it.


I'm having lots of thoughts of quitting my job and just going on a really long holiday. I always say this - I know. I do have long service leave coming up in a year or so (you get it after 7 years here) and wondering whether I can hold out that long. I'm thinking that when that comes up I take a longer holiday on top of it and have a LOT of time off. I feel like I'm totally burnt out and I'm way too young to feel that way. It's a worry. In a practical sense I really cannot just quit my job and go travelling. I need the money and I want a sense of security but at the same time I just don't care about any of that. Maybe I'm not going to live to 80 anyway. Maybe I'll die alone at 30 and my last thought will be 'you should have quit that job and gone to New York, Cuba and Egypt just like you always wanted to'.

Maybe I use lack of money as an excuse because I'm actually chicken shit. I do sort of wish I had a partner in crime to share these kinds of longings with. Does anyone else just wish they could quit their job and do nothing but be self indulgent for a loooong while? Has anyone actually done that?


Big Brother - oh lordy. Every time I turn it on I feel like I'm watching high schoolers in action and whom is the bitchiest of them all, oh mirror mirror? Yes, Emma. Okay the girl is like a twig with balloons stuck on her chest, hair peroxided to the scheizen and a fake, corrosive personality to match her fake assets. When I first caught a glimpse of her (ie: before she opened her mouth) I thought she was attractive - but as I've watched her on BB and seen how bitchy she can be I can't even view her as attractive in a visual sense anymore. In my eyes she has nothing lovely about her - she's ugly inside and out. Yes, and outside too. I just assumed that everyone recognised how ugly this girl was and wanted to see her get her comeuppance just like me, but then I had a conversation with T.

T, a bloke, thought she was a bit of an alright. But she's a biiiiiiiiitch. Don't you want to see her shanked? I whined. Yes, he knew she was a bitch but didn't care - it didn't take away from the fact that he thought she was hot.

Is this how all men (or women) think? How can you still find someone attractive when their personality is a black pit of festering horror? Don't you just find them vomit worthy after they've shown their true colours? I don't understand how anyone who has watched even 5 minutes of the show doesn't think she is feral.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

I got blisters on my fingers!

I discovered The Beatles when I should have been discovering Cyndi Lauper. Shall we say - it was all due to a Christmas present gone wrong, the lines of communication crossed and frayed in the midst of language and cultural barriers. While playing this critically canned and beaten up old Beatles compilation tape (Rock n Roll Music Vol II) that I'd gotten as a present when I'd explicitly asked for Cyndi Lauper I went from loathe to love over the course of a few months.

It is singlehandedly the most played album I've ever owned. I'm talking by hundreds of listens - not tens. God knows I've been listening and learning since I was 7. That's 22 years of The Beatles (am not retarded, no). No, I was not one of those children that grew up listening to The Beatles because their parents exhausted Rubber Soul one too many times on the old record player. I was not one of those kids who knew of The Beatles because they read too many music magazines praising the genius of Sgt Pepper either. It was simply an accident they ever landed in my lap but a happy one. And no, just in case you're wondering I'm not one of those fans that think that The Beatles are "Gods" and simply put, I don't think they're overrated either.

I don't really understand how they could be considered so anyway. They were certainly no one hit wonders and it's not like people don't STILL cite them as an influence. Are they overrated because their music is catchy? Is it because they are commercial? How dumb the whole argument is. I can understand how people don't love them, or even like them from a musical standpoint but to say they are overrated? No.

I visited an old music internet haunt a while ago. I was interested to see what these people were still talking about. Were they still pretentious? Were they idiots? Were they...gone? I came across a thread where they discussed 'the most overrated musical acts'. U2, Tool, Led Zepp, The Beatles, Rolling Stones all rated a mention and then someone came up with a doozy so amazing I almost choaked from laughing. Mozart. Yes, Wolfgang Amadeus "I wrote symphonies when I was a kid" Mozart is apparently overrated. For Fucks Sake! After I finished laughing I wanted to kick his arse. The point is: a statement of something being overrated says a lot about the person saying it rather than the musical act itself. ..and so finishes my rant on so-called overrated music.

Anyway, I forgot about them in my mid teens. The tape remained buried under an old jumbled collection of other forgotten bits and pieces that didn't belong anywhere else in my life except the miscellaneous pile. The Beatles, I suppose didn't really fit too neatly into the life of someone worried more about their teen angsty 'got any blacker' situation. I rediscovered the tape again eventually though - coming across it by accident while spring cleaning. I thought about tossing it out but couldn't. I sat and listened to it instead. One last listen - and discovered the songs all over again. Taxman, not just a bouncy tune anymore, but instead slightly disgruntled, raw and edgy. Helter Skelter, almost frightening in its frenzy, Revolution; poignant and relevant still and Get Back amusing and soulful. Where once the music was simplistic and uncomplicated, I discovered layers of cultural and musical intricacies. The only explanation I can give for missing them before was that I'd finally grown up. Experience gives you a point of reference I guess.

The most flattering thing I can say about The Beatles is not that they are 'the best band ever' (or any other kind of hyperbole that surrounds them) but instead a compliment that I can only subscribe to one or two other childhood favourites and that is: I'm still a fan. After all these years, I'm still a fan and I still have weeks where I will listen to nothing but The Beatles and to boot I am still discovering new things about them to like.

I'm going to go ahead and put the first four songs that I really fell in love with as a 7 year old by The Beatles. In no particular order.



Get Back

Helter Skelter

(looking at those four - hm no wonder I am a bit funny in the head).

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Friday, June 01, 2007

I don't mean rhinestones!

I was having a conversation with FashionCousin the other day whereby she expressed some concern about how all her friends were beginning to settle down. Being the nice cousin I am I laughed in an evil way and said wait 'till they all start having babies!. She wasn't impressed and I understood why. If I have to go to one more dinner party where I'm:

a) sitting at the head of the table because I'm the odd one out.
b) asked 'why are you still single?' or 'found anyone special yet?'
c) not so subtly being set up with the only other single guy there
d) have to partake in conversation consisting only of dirty nappies/weddings/how hard it is for a couple to pay off a mortgage (fuck off!).

then I'm going to whip out my filed sharp toothbrush shank and start offing people.

Aaaaanyway, after talking about various weddings and engagements we'd been to lately FashionCousin decided that if she wasn't married by the time she was 30 (she's just turned 26) then she was going to do one big thing for herself: buy herself a mega -could be a deposit on a house- diamond ring.

This is not the first time I've heard of people doing this. In fact I've seen quite a few single women who are around 35-40 years old who have gorgeous, huge diamond rings that they bought themselves. Why? A few reasons:

a) they could afford to do so themselves
b) they wanted one as a treat "just for me".
c) they didn't want the only reason they have a beautiful diamond to be dependant on whether they were getting married or not.

The few women I've seen who have done this have come across as successful, independent women to me, some of whom even have long term partners. On the flipside I've also heard of a group of girlfriends all chipping in to buy another women a diamond ring. Personally I've always wanted a pair of diamond stud earrings and I know that if I want them it's probably something I'm going to buy myself one day (err..when I finally save up). As for a ring, I want that to be from a the man I love/loves me (hm, had to stop writing to have a laughing fit there) - but that's because that would be symbolic to me and would probably die with it on.

It's interesting how beautiful jewellery once the domain of gift giving from men has become something that some women are willing to do for themselves now. Since I hear of so many men complaining about forking out for a diamond ring I wonder if this is something they are happy with now. I asked bro about this:

bro: if they buy their own ring, what are we supposed to buy for them?
me: err, I thought men hated buying the diamond ring. They're always complaining about it.
bro: ....yeah..okay. But it still sucks.

Okay, so what say you? Why are women buying their own beautiful jewellery? Girls, would you buy your own piece of beautiful jewellery or is it something only done in romance? Men, are you insulted or relieved by women who buy their own jewellery?

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