Monday, June 25, 2007

A disjointed list

A covert operation planned between friends
Winking to each other in the school hallways for weeks now.
To take a day or three and just escape.
Up north, where we're told the sun still shines.
To a Tiny Town (to borrow a phrase)
Rush to the airport - park illegally
Crunching sound of a side view mirror against a pole - ouch.
Panic, maybe we won't make it on time
RUN to the check in (laughing)
Breathe out; Tickets confirmed!
Time to park properly.
RUN back to the gate - paged - oops we're late again.
Relax and put feet up - leaving behind the stress, tears and work.
Nervous excitement - we finally did it!
The elated reconciliation of old friends meeting again.
Drinks and food (and drinks..did I mention that?)
Promises that it won't be a weekend of 'running around'.
Meeting RO's husband, everything she said he was: Bloke with a capital B and twinkly eyes to boot!
Taking walks down empty beaches littered with occasional pebbles
Smoothed over by the constant crashing of water.
Conversation warmed by the sun.
Watching the surfers zip up their wet suits and chase the waves - envying their relaxed athleticism.
Amusement by the surf war pavement scribbles: "QLDers go home".
Daydreams framed by crashing waves and contented sighs
Sleepy eyed late night talks while listening to the surf.
Sipping at a red ...white ...red ...oh I forget
Music; louder than it could be
Jokes; naughtier than they should be
Dancing; dangerously daggy.
Company; progressively 'spaced'
Groggy start to each morning - peering at the view over a hot morning coffee
Lazy lunches in surf villages - this is how it should always be.
Four wheel driving along the shore
...On second thought perhaps I should have skipped that lunch.
Spotting dolphins in the distance
Hikes to the lighthouse
Picking the house we'd buy if we won lotto
Taking photos we really won't ever show anyone
Collapsing into the pillow at the end of it all
Only to wake up and wish I could do it over again.

Perfect soundtrack by a near perfect band: Do It Again - The Beach Boys

Do it again - The Beach Boys [click]

And one more, because I just love this one so much:

In my Room - The Beach Boys

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