Wednesday, May 27, 2009


* Is it wrong to wish for Swine Flu? Two local-ish schools have been closed down due to it recently and ... well, a girl can dream can't she? It may be wrong, but at least it's something to strive for.

* Reports are due tomorrow... haven't started. I've taken procrastination to a whole new level this year. I was reading a book recently about the burn out that 30 somethings feel when it comes to their career. In a manner of speaking, I've lost my "give a shit". Probably not so good when you're in my industry. Also, especially bad when you have a bad case of foot in mouth-itis. On a good day I'm known for saying things I shouldn't, and so now that I've lost my "give a shit" then I'm really in the poo. That part of me that keeps things in check, that sits on my shoulder and tells me to shut it, has packed her bags and gone to FNQ for an extended holiday. Meanwhile big mouth is offending people all over the place. Oops (nah, don't care).

* I happened across episodes of "That 80s Show". Did anyone else ever watch this? It's basically about a guy and his family living in the 80s. Sort of like That 70s show but less funny and with less cute boys in it. Despite the bad acting, rough production and dubious storyline I still loved it though. Now that I'm watching it I'm kinda bummed all over again about it being axed. Meanwhile, Law and Order or CSI or whatever has spin offs galore.

* I did something bad. Very, very bad. I watched the movie The Lake House AND understood it. Okay, I lie. I watched it TWICE in order to understand it. Yes, you see I WANTED to understand it and DIDN'T have enough brains to get it the first time so I watched it AGAIN! Then I did a whole bunch of THINKING about it in order to really cement the idea in my head. Yes, I was INTERESTED enough in the movie to dedicate 4 hours instead of 2 of MY LIFE towards understanding it. That's pretty fucked up. I can't think of anything I've done lately that compares to this level of loserness and that is saying a lot. Do you think I'm mentally challenged (read: retarded)?

* I want a big wall clock to hang on my wall. I want somethig quirky but not stupid (ie: NOT a cat with eyes that go side to side and tail pendulum). Nothing I've seen at the shops really does it for me. Does anyone know any cool websites that have BIG wall clocks?

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