Friday, June 08, 2007

The Great Unwind

It's been a long time since you last took this road home. This evening you're on automatic pilot - wheel gripped in hand. This is a form of therapy you can afford - a long drive on a narrow curling ribbon of road with a view of the sun setting behind the trees. Bliss. You think better when the detail has been taken away; the world looks simple and innocent framed by a dusty pink sky behind a silhouette of blackened trees. How did you let things get so cloudy so easily? Why do you tie yourself so tightly to your feelings, emotions and intuition when surely being strategic and clinical is more conducive to getting 'it' done?

You stopped gripping at the wheel a while back and now it glides smoothly through your palms. Breath exhaled. Your mind a series of peaceful alpha waves. The music from the car stereo gives you a bear hug around your heart. The great unwind works every time.

You flash past an elvish row of glowing shop front windows, a decrepit service station, a faded zebra crossing and row after row of thick criss crossed naked trees but none of it matters, it's all just background noise. The world blurs, just like you want it to. This drive is dedicated to an unwinding that doesn't seem to happen as naturally as it did once upon a time. Nowadays it's something you need to schedule into your day. You feel the stress dropping off as you drive further into the trees. Your breathing becomes low and measured with each km clocked up on the odometer. Your thoughts slow down until you can actually think them.

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