Monday, April 23, 2007

I put on my cloudiest suit

Today's Musical Monday is brought to you by the divine oracle of "keyword analysis" on the old stat counter thingy. Indeed when the key phrase is Kate Bush original This Woman's Work remakes then it's like a message from the Gods. The other "keyword" stories of neurotic naked women, will have to wait until some later date. Some of you who have seen the video clip for Kate Bush's Babooshaka might think it applies here too.

I've mentioned my cousin MT before, who featured heavily in my Michael Jackson Thriller, Musical Monday - many moons ago now. She also inadvertently introduced me to Kate Bush via a rather large full colour poster of old Kate on her wardrobe - montage of billowing raven hair, mesmerising eyes and flaming red lips. To me that has always been the quintessential vision of femininity. Strength and sensuality. When I grew up I wanted to be Kate Bush - even though at that point I didn't really know who Kate Bush was or why I was so attracted to her. I just was. Confession - when I grow up I still want to be Kate Bush.

It's interesting - girls reactions to other girls. I wonder if young boys have such a relationship with males in the public eye. Apart from Daddy, do boys idolise other men while growing up? Do they want to grow up to look like another man, say Justin Timberlake or The Rock? As teenagers going through puberty do they aspire to be them in the same way that girls aspire to be other women? We look at other women and we want to be them. It's probably why women featured in women's magazines are not exactly sexualised, more idolised. Hell, women actively buy magazines with women in them, not men. Men buy magazines with women in them, not men (unless those men are doing something construed as a hobby - such as football etc). It's also why anorexic airbrushed and unrealistic visions of women (and yes, they really are unrealistic) are dangerous to women. We actually pay attention to this stuff.

That was my introduction to her - followed closely by hearing Wuthering Heights on the "good" stereo. I distinctly remember twirling in the lounge room like a demented Jewelery box ballerina until I fell over, sick and dizzy and quite changed. Quite.

Later on I was taken with the theatrics and dance that was part of her artistry. The thing about Kate Bush, she comes across as a shy recluse but when she's dancing and singing she's full of light and energy. It's like she's a fae someone plucked out of the forest and put in the spotlight. I love that about her. I love her shrill operatic voice and the movement her music evokes. Yes, she's a little strange, quirky and I love that too.

I have many favourite Kate Bush songs. I've already featured This Woman's Work and I'll forever be in love with The Red Shoes and Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting etc but this one is a little special. I don't know what it is exactly that does it for me - part contemplative and part rock-operatic frenzy. It's unapologetically intense. I like that but many people will...not. To each their own. It's an amazing piece though.

Rocket's Tail - Kate Bush

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