Monday, June 05, 2006

All I need...

It's been a - walking around while not being able to feel your feet, rushing for the heater in the staff room so you can stand there (pole position) and feel the warmth gravitate slowly up your legs, holding the coffee mug close to your cheeks so the steam slowly rises making your cold face blush and blowing into your hands and rubbing them - kind of day. The coldest I can remember for a while.

It was hard to see driving to work with the white fog settling low over the freeway.

I feel like I've been away forever instead of just a night away. Things feel like they do when the holidays are over and suddenly you're back at the salt mine again; hazy, unplanned and messy.

I've been out of it. I'm worried about reports - these ones are all new to me now, there's no falling back on the tried and tested methods this time. This is serious mum and I can't quite get my head around getting so many of them done in such a short amount of time. I need a plan (one that I'll follow). I need motivation, inspiration, time and energy. I guess I need that for a lot of things.

And now, Musical Monday. Initially I was going to post some gorgeous angelic Jeff Buckley - but decided against it in the end, if you'd still like to hear some of that go over and pay wdky a visit and you won't be dissapointed (click image). Instead: I've been in a bit of an Air: French Band, mood lately.

It used to be that I'd post my journal entries listening almost exclusively to AIR, it was just a habit I got into. I'm not sure why I started doing it but once I started it was difficult to stop. Then, I became a bit obsessive and started listening to them almost exclusively full stop - that went on for quite a while after I saw the movie The Virgin Suicides (for which they wrote the score). I fell absolutely and totally in love with that score. They are the perfect band to listen to if you want to block out the world yet still be able to think. I guess you could say that they are 'electronica' but I don't know if that does them total justice. They're melancholic, dreamy, a little bit lounge, a bit moody, a little bit 70s (moog) and sort of from out of this world. They've worked with many a great artist (including Beck, on one of my favourite tracks The Vagabond) and they're French (hence, the "french band" label).

After The Virgin Suicides an online pal mentioned the song La Femme D'Argent and how they thought I'd like it and that was it. That song did it. I bought Moon Safari and never looked back. Before this point I had never really been into any kind of atmospheric type music, and apart from trip hop I was strictly a guitar girl - not anymore. Moon Safari is probably one of my all time favourite albums - it's partly a concept album with the "space" theme.

Air is definintely an acquired taste. I've tried to convert friends to no avail and so I've decided that you're either an Air person or you're everybody else.

1) La Femme D'Argent - AIR

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2) All I Need - AIR (With Beth Hirsch on vocals)

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I highly recommend The Vagabond, Cherry Blossom Girl, Playground Love, Alone in Kyoto which are all very different to the above two songs but are amazing.

And there you have it a bit of fog and air.