Thursday, June 07, 2007

mixed bag

News hitting the headlines: Police find fugitive crime boss Tony Mokbel living it up in Greece. I have only one thing to say - WHADDUP WITH THE WIG? The man is worth many many millions of dollars in drug money, lives a ridiculously lavish lifestyle and yet he cannae afford to buy a decent wig to protect his own identity while ON THE RUN! I hope I don't get offed for writing this but he looks like a joke. I'm just confused by the whole thing. Is someone having a lend of us or something? He was seriously found wearing this? I had a better wig in my Barbie showbag in 1987! It was one of those tinsel ones.


I'm getting the distinct feeling that my friends are worried about me. We have this dinner club going where we each get a choice of restaurant to go to each month. Anyway, the last couple of times I've been busy on that allocated night but the night has been changed in order to accommodate me. This is lovely and all except that in the past other people have also had things on but we've always gone ahead and had the night anyway.

The big clue in that something was going on was L inviting me to a trivia night earlier in the week. When I didn't respond to the text message (because I was busy - also because I'm pretty much crap at returning any kind of messages) she sent a message that simply said "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Miss M! You *have* to". This is a big clue as I am not exactly the best addition to a trivia team. You can pretty much count me out for sport, politics, history, current affairs and geography. I think my friends are trying to get me to be ..you know, normal. I appreciate it but am also feeling a bit socially retarded because of it.


I'm having lots of thoughts of quitting my job and just going on a really long holiday. I always say this - I know. I do have long service leave coming up in a year or so (you get it after 7 years here) and wondering whether I can hold out that long. I'm thinking that when that comes up I take a longer holiday on top of it and have a LOT of time off. I feel like I'm totally burnt out and I'm way too young to feel that way. It's a worry. In a practical sense I really cannot just quit my job and go travelling. I need the money and I want a sense of security but at the same time I just don't care about any of that. Maybe I'm not going to live to 80 anyway. Maybe I'll die alone at 30 and my last thought will be 'you should have quit that job and gone to New York, Cuba and Egypt just like you always wanted to'.

Maybe I use lack of money as an excuse because I'm actually chicken shit. I do sort of wish I had a partner in crime to share these kinds of longings with. Does anyone else just wish they could quit their job and do nothing but be self indulgent for a loooong while? Has anyone actually done that?


Big Brother - oh lordy. Every time I turn it on I feel like I'm watching high schoolers in action and whom is the bitchiest of them all, oh mirror mirror? Yes, Emma. Okay the girl is like a twig with balloons stuck on her chest, hair peroxided to the scheizen and a fake, corrosive personality to match her fake assets. When I first caught a glimpse of her (ie: before she opened her mouth) I thought she was attractive - but as I've watched her on BB and seen how bitchy she can be I can't even view her as attractive in a visual sense anymore. In my eyes she has nothing lovely about her - she's ugly inside and out. Yes, and outside too. I just assumed that everyone recognised how ugly this girl was and wanted to see her get her comeuppance just like me, but then I had a conversation with T.

T, a bloke, thought she was a bit of an alright. But she's a biiiiiiiiitch. Don't you want to see her shanked? I whined. Yes, he knew she was a bitch but didn't care - it didn't take away from the fact that he thought she was hot.

Is this how all men (or women) think? How can you still find someone attractive when their personality is a black pit of festering horror? Don't you just find them vomit worthy after they've shown their true colours? I don't understand how anyone who has watched even 5 minutes of the show doesn't think she is feral.

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