Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I am what is known as a city girl. Grey walkways framed by looming buildings are my jungle of choice. I enjoy watching the city breathe, live and grow like any other sprawling environment. Because it is, you know - a living organism reaching its tendrils up toward the sky and filled with other living organisms all growing and surviving together.

I like her roads; the arteries - curling inwards and intersecting at every opportunity and then stretching our endlessly beyond her limits, ensuring each town is supplied with a vital dose of heavy people traffic and connecting us all. The city is the brain - the message centre, the control, the life force and soul. She is the electrical impulse that jolts all else into being. I love her lights, both blinking and not, neon or natural, soft or harsh. I marvel at how a city can come to life after dark, dressed in lights; a beautiful, twinkling neon goddess. I enjoy watching clouds drift across the sky through gaps between tall buildings. I like watching the blur of storefront colours pass me by as I wiz by in my car. Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink - all mixed and planted on my retina, making me dizzy.

I am a city girl. I breathe with the city. I like the noises of the city; a thousand echoing footsteps reverberating around my ears, the occasional beep of impatient drivers already late to their morning meetings, the ready shouts of store vendors selling their fresh goods and the rhythmic hammering of trams travelling over the tracks. A constant heartbeat. I enjoy the hustle, the rush, the urgency of the city that seems so out of place anywhere else. I thrive on endless choice of everything I could ever want at the very tip of my curious fingers. I am constantly surprised by her dark alleyways full of hidden and delightful treasures. I am enthralled with her ever changing beauty.

This city. I walk her path. I am part of her. Mother.