Saturday, November 19, 2005

The word on the street is this

God is a Dum Cunt.

I saw it graffitied in a laneway off Drummond street this afternoon. It was stencilled actually, very neatly. The word God was in grey - the rest was in bold black paint - no smudging, no peeling.

I wonder what would cause someone to labour over such a message in such a deliberate way. "God is a Dum Cunt" is an angry message. It's the kind you etch into school desks with the point of your compass during religious education class and then spend the rest of your (catholic) life in confessional about. It's the message you scribble after you've found your boyfriend screwing your best friend in your bed. It's Lucifer's last jab after being sent packing. It's a piece of passionate conviction. It's a promise, a warning, a jibe, a belief.

Passionate messages are not for stencilling neatly in upper middle class suburbs. And so I wonder what it was exactly that brought this rogue artist to choose this method of expression. Wrapped neatly in smooth paper, bows knotted and tied..

God is a Dum Cunt.

What power. What finality. And what would God write back? Benevolent message from the top, sent though a lackey: "I know I am, so what are you?" ...or He might perhaps start the apocalypse early. Whatever.

How lucky I was to spy it as I walked from car to cinema.

I love Melbourne.