Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It's been a bit of a day really.
The grade 3s and 4s were full of beans, and I had other things on my mind. Despite all good intentions, I never did quite get around to filling out my performance review sheet (errr..booklet actually) last night. So I found myself desperately trying to think of all my accomplishments and write them down in between showing children how to create a masterpiece using oil pastels.
I was a tad flushed about it all.
I knew that my PR was this afternoon and that prin would want a finished booklet. My last class might as well have had no teacher at all. I was in the corner directing children this way and that while busily adding the finishing touches to my booklet of lies...I mean accomplishments.

Actually, I've done a lot more than I get credit for. Okay, let's rephrase that. I do a shit load and prin has no idea. I wrote it all down.

In my PR she skimmed her way through the booklet (she was well pleased by my dilligence in getting one completed?? um, weren't we supposed to?) and then said.."oh yes, well, wow you're on your way aren't you? Oh, you've done a lot haven't you? You're great, you're really great". Okay yep, thanks. Prin can be a bit, err, all over the place. I really made it clear that I was a coordinator now and she seemed surprised by that. Duh, I run a whole art program on my own dealing with a budget, a big initiative, whole school assessment and whole school learning. The art buck stops with me. Then I realised, while I was talking about it that gee, I am the coordinator..shouldn't I be getting a coordinator's wage (okay, so it's still a crap wage but hey)? Well, shouldn't I? I know that level coordinators get paid more, because they deal with everything but they also have a team to manage and I don't. I didn't broach the subject with Prin but now I'm very curious. I don't know how to find out more about it without looking like I'm trying to go above my station. I don't really want to go asking people at work about it. At the same time, if I'm taking on all this extra responsibility then surely I should be getting paid for it? I just don't know if Art actually counts when they hand out the pay raises. hm.

Prin decided that although I am run off my feet with extra responsibility and learning the ropes that I could take on this movie making project that is being run in the district. It's not a competition, but a showcase of a movie (3 mins) that the students write/storyboard/direct/act/edit/create etc of which many different schools take part. Yep, sounds excellent.
I haven't used a movie camera since I was 10 and video taped myself singing along to respect while playing the air sax. dude! I wouldn't know the first thing about writing a story board and making and editing a movie. Also, I am notoriously bad with electronic equiptment. In fact, today the computer techie threatened to strangle me because somehow I had managed to deleate all the drives from my computer. How one does that is completely beyond me - he managed to get them back but he kept giving me sly looks of hatred I thought! My special gift for fucking things up should come in handy when we're using an editing programme on the computer to splice things together. joy! Furthermore, I don't know exactly where I'm going to get the time to do it.

I rang the woman who runs the project and she wouldn't even tell me how many hours were involved in making the thing (she kept trying to skip the question), but stressed that I would need time out of the classroom to gather these children together in order to make and write this thing. There is no way in hell that is going to happen. So, I'm a tad worried about doing this AND the huge artist project all at the same time - plus familiarising myself with whole school reporting and assessment in art which needs to be developed totally from the ground up this year! Did you read my star sign from yesterday? That Jonathan Cainer is always right, man.

Then I thought, since I'm on a roll I'm going to go see V.Prin about a few things. So I crept up and he just started laughing, because apparently I look very determined when I want something. He pissed himself laughing about the movie project because he knew that I had basically been bullied into it - but he said that it was a fantastic thing to do and that I should really make it a big deal etc etc. What I wanted from him though was information. I asked him directly about ex-ex and he basically said that there is no chance she's coming into the art room. Apparently everyone hates her anyway. hmmm.

I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed.

So...who wants to help me write a script and tell me all about movie making? geez.