Tuesday, February 14, 2006

got VD?

Well, did you read the "Messages of Love" in todays paper? Did ya? Did ya? I don't like the idea of writing a message in the paper to someone you already see every bloody day. Why don't you say it or demonstrate it instead? Having said that I love the messages from secret admirers and other assorted goodies that you find hidden in amoungst the cliched rubbish that usually grace these pages. These are the types of messages I love to read inbetween sick bay duty (honestly, how many lumps on the head can there be in one school?) and my cup of crap instant coffee.

To the One Security Guard
I saw last year. I can't forget the
way you looked at me and I looked
at you.
I hope the day will come when we can finally meet.
- From an Admirer


You rock my world. Happy Valentines Day
Love your groupie,
Sweet Cherry Pie xx

hm, disturbing.

For my Bloop Bloop
Loving you always
Your Bleep Bleep xxx

Terms of endearment can be lovely but if anyone ever called me their bloop bloop I would seriously tear off their testicles. They obviously don't need them anymore anyway.

For all the days you make me smile
I love you
Love Mum Mum xx

Call of the day went to J, who said "oh god, they're just sad sad".

Have I told you today
that I think you're amazing?
You're amazing - Your Yowie


I would like to live by your side
and die in your ams.
I love you. Rob.

Jodi, run for the hills. Rob is psychotic and has a death wish involving you being framed for his murder.

My Darling Pet Spaz
Happy Valentine's Day
Love now and forever - Wally.

Love your work Wally.

Love at first sight
Love always and forever
-Love Greg XO

Oh Greggy, how I love you... oh wait.. oh ... oh

I adore you so much you are
always in my thoughts. My love
for you is so deep I know you are
the one I want to go through time with.
Love - Ken

Okay, Ken need to dump whoever this other imposter of a mez is and come to me. Now.

The Chrissie lights have faded.
The doggies have been barking.
Let's cheer things up a bit with a jolly good f***
dinner tonight, 7.30pm
I love you forever - Slyman.


You are my Batman, I am your
Catwoman. Prrrr!!!!! Meow!!!
- RR2

either they are on drugs or they have an amazing sex life!

We Love You
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Forever - Suzi and Gizelle

.... lucky bastard.

We had a good laugh reading them in the paper while the boys sat around uncomfortably teasing us about secretly wanting messages in the paper.

A message in the paper is a nice thing (well except for the vomit worthy ones) but it's just nicer to be told everyday, isn't it? I have been termed by many a person a 'cynic' when it comes to love, but that's because I tend to say things just to see the reaction I'll get. Okay, yes I am a cynic but the opposite is true also. I am unforunately much, much worse than any cynic. I am a romantic idealist. This is the worst kind of girl, I know. It means things must be perfect. This has little to do with money or cars or whatever the hell everyone is going for these days. It just means that the feeling has to be right..no perfect. I'd rather not have anything than have something that is lacking in some way. Yes, the pedestal is high and once you fall, there's no getting back up there again. I am *far* *far* from perfect myself. I know.

I am an incurable romantic, really. I love all that crap like wild flowers and picnics and kisses in the rain, chivalry and Knights on white steeds rescuing damsels. I can't think of anything more special than the right boy, a whirlwind romance, a family and being in love forever and ever and ever. I'm not however an idiot (well..). I can smell insincerity from a mile away and who wants that? What the hell is the point of flowers on Valentine's Day when every other day is taken for granted?

...don't tell anyone else I'm a romantic. I have a rep to protect.