Tuesday, February 21, 2006


she is morphing.
olive coloured oil pastel lines drawn hard against cartridge paper represent her harsh landscape.
emerald green rubbings over fine leaf stencils for trees.
Her buildings are grey acrylic applied in long thick upward strokes
and her sky; a watercolour blue with wax resist streaky clouds.
She is a collage of National Geographic cut out people and New Idea frivolity, stuck down, drawn over, torn up and re-represented.
Her gardens; a patch of brightly coloured curled ribbon for petals and twisted jade crepe for stalks.
By mixing acrylic and PVA you can paint her black roads in thick meandering curves. They look textured and tactile.
You outline her in thick black oil pastels and then use dye to fill in the white spaces until she looks like the picture in your mind (of what she is, or should be..you never could quite reconcile the two).
You construct her sprawling outer suburban housing out of cereal boxes and picture frame corners.
Her sunset is a tissue paper montage roughly torn in a multitude of colours and stuck down onto the page
Indigo at the top, blue, purple, pink, red and orange where it meets the horizon at the bottom.

the way you see everything has changed.