Saturday, February 25, 2006

random facts

- I like assembling articles from Ikea and other assorted flat packs. Yeah, I know this is totally weird, cause noone likes doing shit like this. When the new whiteboard came for the art room I assembled it and stood back watching my handiwork. I would hammer nails and saw up pieces of wood like a champion as a kid (bloody strange). I never made anything good, but damn I loved hammering! I love seeing results.

- I hate asking people for favours or help. I'll only ever ask for something as a last resort. I learnt pretty early on that every favour has a price, and usually that price is not even worth the favour. I know this is not actually true in the scheme of things and that most people are willing to help if you ask BUT it's difficult to unlearn the sins of ones freakish childhood sometimes. I might want something desperately, but probably still won't ask. If I do happen to ask you for something, rest assurred that I am probably shitting myself about doing it and have probably contemplated suicide first.

- Going to sleep at 2am is pretty average for me. If I get to sleep at midnight, that's really bloody early. I usually crave a nap at about 4pm-ish. I hate waking up. I *loathe* the alarm and I am not a fan of "early risers". I seriously think if you go to bed by 9 or 10pm you are a total freak of nature.

- I spent a long time contemplating a Monet yesterday. I just stood there and looked at it until my next class came in. I like doing things like that. I like having the time to just think about things sometimes (not all the time mind you, I fucking hate those people that lala along in the shopping centre). I realise this is a perk of the Art job - the time to look and think. I value that a lot. Yes, I bitch 99% of the time but I know a good thing when I see it.

- I should wear my glasses more often but I don't. I hate the idea of contacts, because I actually *like* glasses. But they're a pain in the arse sometimes. My eyesight is not that bad, it's just hard to read the board/movies sometimes. Plus I need my glasses for driving so I know that when I take them into school I'll probably forget them on my desk or something (which has happened on numerous occassions). So I made the choice to be blind at school and see on the roads. I should just invest in a school pair, eh?

- I need music everyday - I have a lot of crap in my collection and I love that as much as I love the good stuff (listening to Pleasure and Pain by The Divinyls atm - you decide whether that's crap or not. heh). I spent most of my formative years listening to my walkman. I mean, I took it everywhere I went. Yeah, I'm going to be deaf by 30, I'm not one of those people who listen to their ipod on low levels either - but it's been a fun journey. On the other hand, sometimes I need complete silence.

-I can be quite shy sometimes. Not always, but sometimes, yes. I'm not really sure what brings it on as I can be quite loud and brash, even with people I don't know but then at other times I'm just ..shy. As a child I'd run and hide if anyone came to the door. I don't always answer the door, or the phone or whatever even now.

- I'm an iceberg. I don't want to be, but I am. It's all underneath the surface, you know?

dx..has totally undergone a total failure. All journal data is lost and the site is down forever. I don't know about blogspot, diaryland, livejournal. All of them too big, not quite right.. Any suggestions would be nice.
If you could find another way to totally rip out my soul, besides killing everyone I loved then I couldn't name it.
really. It's like when there's a fire and after everyone is safe the one thing you want are the photos because they are irreplaceable.
I know everyone just says, oh start again as if it's just that easy. For me, it's not just that easy. There are things I wrote that I want back.