Tuesday, February 21, 2006

school, again. sorry.

The artist has come to the school to work with the children. She has effortlessly inspired stuff in one lesson that I couldn't do in my whole career I think. I hope I learn a lot about what it takes to be an inspirational and creative teacher, because although I might be doing okay for now, I've just realised I'm nowhere near where I could be. This is good. A challenge is good.

I've been receiving a lot of praise for my display boards that are slowly going up as the weeks progress. I know that parents have been stopping to have a look and so they have become a discussion point. I wish they would come and let me know they like them though. I spend so long on them and keeping them safe that it's exhausting. It would be nice to get some personal feedback. I got quite a few of them done before our information night, but some students have work in progress that is taking a while to finish off. What I like about the art role is being able to influence the look of the school by using the kids' art work and my own. I like conceiving what a display board will look like, and I do like putting one together. It just takes a lot more hours to do than I have avaliable (in a life time heh). If the school was open 24 hours a day, I *know* that I would be here very late almost every night getting things done that are outside the general "planning" of lessons. This kind of job is a "burnout" for a personality like mine. Although I can be the most laid back person in the world. When it comes to something that everyone will see I am really pedantic and picky.

R from next door (last year) told me that I'm scarier than K (art teacher from last year) and therefore I probably shouldn't have to worry about too much stuff going missing from the art room. I questioned her use of the word scary and she laughed her arse off and said that while K watched everyone like a hawke and was extremely guarded, I am the type of person that is more easy going but would enquire about someone's motives for taking something, and while that is not altogether scary - people might not want to defent their motives to me. It's probably true! I *do* ask people what they need things for, though my motivation for that is because I'm interested in what people do in their classrooms. But, this new found scariness is awesome!

My lovely friends, I would say that I have finally reached the stage of Yoda,
except today someone stole my art room bucket.