Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Actually, it's the afternoon now..

When you're on holidays it's like living in an alternate universe for a while. You see and experience things that you wouldn't normally - such as daytime television and the next door neighbour singing you awake to pearl jam every morning.

Now, folks, I have indulged in a bit o' pearl jam in my time, I cannot lie. Alright, I was a tad obsessed - but it's okay, teenage girls are supposed to fantasize about politically left leaning, poetic men with long hair and deep voices! Suffice to say, I had a big poster of Eddie Vedder that I kissed each night before bed and a myriad of smaller ones that adorned my school diary (along with my pictures of various Hawthorn Football Club adonis') and at which page I would open to and just stare at when the maths teacher was trying to explain pythagoras (whaaa..?). It's a wonder I didn't fail the whole class!

Anyway, this morning although I was already awake the neighbour started in on his (very bad) impression of Eddie Vedder by singing "don't call me daughteeeeerrrr, not fiiiit tooooooo.. " etc. At first I was rather shocked by the sudden intrustion to my pleasant (err..what day is it again?) ..Wednesday morning but soon, as always I started laughing to myself. I picked my way out of bed and while trying to smooth my bed hair the right way back to normal; I muttered under my breath "you'd think he'd at least pick something current" - which of course was less a mutter and more a rather loud observation which drifted through my open window into his and the next thing you know the singing stopped and so did the music. There was an awkward silence for a moment that involved me wondering whether he'd heard what I'd said and him, I'm sure, was thinking that the chick next door is the world's biggest bitch...after which realisation I, of course found myself mortified beyond belief and dropped to my knees and crawled to the next room where I lay on the floor laughing my arse off.

Top o' the morning to you!