Sunday, March 05, 2006

bookshelf ad

my strange dreams last night revolved around children mostly.
All set in the classroom on some sort of celebratory night at school.

Firstly I was given 2 puppies. One a Jack Russell, the other a little fluffy golden mutt, some sort of terrier. I loved them both immediately but knew I had to give them away in order to save them (god knows why?). So I sent them in a carry basket via a child to each classroom in order to procure a new home for them. The child came back with one puppy. It was the fluffy mutt. Of course, I thought. It became mine.

I woke and went back to sleep.

New dream, set on the same night. Same classroom.

I was looking after a lost child who was trying to find his parents. It was a child I taught last year. He wasn't particularly upset but I was, the place was crowded and I couldn't see where I was going. All I could do was hold tightly to the child's hand and move in a forward direction.
In our travels we came across a baby wrapped snuggly in a blanket - lying in a bassinett. It looked like Tutankhamen. I looked down at his sleeping face and wondered if the baby was mine.

I woke, confused and hot...went back to sleep.

Set on the same celebratory night. Same classroom.

I was asked by a man to make a commercial. It was a cereal commercial He wasn't part of the school, and I can't remember his face. It had to be finished within an hour Every time I tried to turn the camera on and take a shot a child would come up and interrupt me somehow and the scene was always ruined. We tried many different scenarios. The final commercial had the man climbing up a book shelf in the middle of the desert (but wearing mountain climbing equip..the shorts, the cable, the belt, everything). The shelf was an enormous thing, filled with wide heavy books. Every time the mountain climber took another successful step up the shelf he'd stop and eat a spoonfull of cereal. When he got to the top he punched both fists into the air and looked elated.

I missed shooting the first part of the ad because a child was trying to show me something good he'd done and I stopped shooting to look at it. I didn't know how to tell the man I hadn't got the whole ad on film.

Then I woke up.

too much wine yesterday, me thinks.