Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Go Aussie, Go!

I am a great sporting fan!

Okay, that's a lie. I pretty much don't give a shit most of the time. But, hell you can't help but get involved in all the CommGames hoopla when it's right on your back doorstep, can you? Where else are Australians going to get a chance to rake the gold in but at the CommGames; competition of around 60 3rd world nations and a couple of first world ones! Bonus if youre part of the first world.

So, since #1 and I are both teachers, it's the school holidays, I had already watched all the episodes of The Late Show and Scrubs (season 3) and since we both enjoy hanging with the local bogans we decided to go see the cycling time trials today... you know, since it's just on the road and it's free and well, it was at St Kilda! Who doesn't love St Kilda? (I think they might have shipped out the homeless and prostitutes for the week - it looked rather spectacular).

Firstly, we had to work out how to use the new fangled ticket machines on the tram. Okay, yes, technically I have used public transport since they brutally got rid of the lovely tram conductors (who probably all fought in our wars and would give you an extra hour on your 2 hour ticket if you were nice to 'em) - and replaced them with the cold heartless clang of "progress", but they take a bit of getting reaquainted with (all those colourful buttons and ..thinking about whether you can get away with being a senior citizen). Also, how much change does a girl need? It's lucky I have the world's biggest handbag with everything in it because I don't think I could have found $6.10 in change for a zone 1 full day faire otherwise. SIX DOLLARS AND TEN CENTS. Fucking hell - we could have split a cab instead one way and not have to put up with the pink shirt lady fighting with the driver about obstructing the doors. ugh.

Anyway, we finally got there..amused as hell and hot - and found a little spot where we could cheer the Aussies home!

...yeah we lasted about 30 minutes before what can only be described as a Bushy (may have just been a wannabe) came along, stood alongside us and started banging on the sponsorship boards when the competitors rode past. If they weren't an Aussie (ie; MOST of the field) then he'd boo as well. Yep, did I say we liked hanging with the bogans?

Then a small child holding two blow up cylindrical Go Australia tubes started banging them together at high speed, which caused a noise that even deaf old ladies living 30km away in a sound proof nursing home would have heard. Sponsorship bushy + idiot kid. Love your work Melbourne! #1 and I both glared at the kid until he stopped banging the tubes together and burried his head in his mother's armpit. It was a reflex, I swear! The mother looked behind her at what made her son cower but we gave her sweet smiles until she turned back around to the bikes and we resumed glaring hard. The bushy was harder to tame, so we waited for the Aussie guy to come around - yelled our heads off and then went off to find some really expensive but stale food.

Then we sat on the cool grass under the palms and had a good natter about teaching and friendships and a bunch of other stuff that noone but us cares about.

Best part of the day, really.