Friday, March 31, 2006

I always liked that bit on Saturday Night Live.

note to self: Never again buy clothes when PMSing. Cardy with one big button? err, what the hell were you thinking?

note to self: Laughing while eating marshmallows is a bad fucking idea.

note to self: Not knowing something is fair enough, thinking it'll get you through a class on clay is just plain dumb.

note to self: Three cups of coffee before 9.30am is not a good way to go when you want to create a nice serene atmophere in the art room. OKAY KIDS OKAAAAYYYY??!!!!!!??!

note to self: Do not laugh when children are doing immitations of Van Gogh cutting his ear off and then try to reign them in again. They already know they've got you.

note to self: Wine does not make a bad headache feel better.

note to self: Agreeing to supervise the Art Club on a lunchtime after you already have yard duty means that you will not actually get to eat lunch that day. You are an idiot.

note to self: Stop being so nice to people or they'll keep walking all over you. sigh.