Monday, March 06, 2006

photo day

Usually if I forego breakfast (and let's face it, if I can't even find my shoes in the morning you can bet that I haven't got time to park it and eat a leisurely meal at the crack of dawn) I can get ready for work in 20 minutes. Okay, half an hour.

That involves
* dragging self out of bed
* figuring out what to wear
* figuring out the jewellery I want to wear
* lipsincing to [insert dumb 80s track] into my hair brush.
* shower/dry off
* hair (okay, sometimes I get a bit desperate and don't actually do anything with my hair (including combing) and just pin it up instead hoping that noone will notice...err)
* makeup
* get dressed
* find shoes OR watch (an ordeal every morning for some reason)
* take bcp
* feed squishy face and moo-moo head
* leave.
* realise I've forgetten lunch
* run back into the house find bread and cheese (or other), slap cheese between bread, wrap in glad wrap at lightening speed.
* leave.

20 - 30 minutes (depends how long I decide to take on that singing into the hairbrush bit).
Having breakfast would mean I'd have to get up earlier and I laugh at that suggestion.

On school photo day (today) - this same routine takes 1 hour and a half. It's all slowed down like when you use the forward one shot button on the DVD player.
The kicker is that I didn't even look any different!

I asked to see my photo after the guy took it - boy was that a mistake. Some days you just wish you could go on extreme makeover and get the whole lot of you sanded away and elle macphearson put in your place. ugh.