Thursday, March 16, 2006


I had this dream where I was was on the set of scrubs (but it wasn't scrubs - it was real) and the heating wasn't working. So Zach Braff and I (yeah, shuddup) were wondering how to get warm (okay I promise this is not going to turn into a porno) when I remembered a terminally ill patient who was into knitting. So then it became our job to get the terminally ill guy to knitt us a blanket before he died. Yes, you read right - I am the worst kind of person even in my dreams! Then in our hurry to get to him on time Zach and I got stuck in this elevator that wouldn't stop level with the floor. It'd go too high, or too low and you could hear the cable groaning and I just knew we were about to tumble to our deaths in a freak elevator accident on the set of scrubs! But somehow we managed to jump out right in time. Then I woke up.

There isn't a dream I have these days where I don't wake up and think that I'm a complete psychopath. I need to look into the wet dream thing instead. It sounds like a lot more fun.

Yesterday I went and had lunch with #1 and K. We gave K a beautiful japanese paper journal so that she can write her adventures down when she goes OS. K just looked at me and said "oh this means I'll have to give up my internet journal". Then they both started laughing at me. Yes, they were both with me when S rang and I was 'discovered' last time. God, that was 3.5 years ago and horrible, horrible, horrible. Should I even be writing this thing? I've had a couple of hits for lyric to "my eyes are dim I cannot see" and "It's a long way to tipparary" lately. It's only a matter or time before someone types 'completely insane' into a search engine and comes up with my journal and I'll have to go through it all again.


Things don't feel quite right today. I do tend to get like this before my birthday, but that's not it this time. 28 is less scary than 27 for some reason. I had a lot of issues with 27 being the last train stop last time. I honestly don't feel like that now - but I do feel sad and lost and ...unimportant. That seems weird. I hadn't thought about it like that before..it just came out now, but it's perfect.

I feel unimportant.

*edit* hey, who sent me an invite to dreamsbox? lol, smartarses.