Saturday, April 29, 2006

assorted sins

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned:

* I have been downloading episodes of Americas Next Top Model and watching them while eating chocolate.

* Been on the Big Brother Forums reading the updates.

* Blew off friends who wanted to go to a particular nightclub I despise and went out with someone else instead only a few streets away.

* Had improper thoughts about Mike Goldman while watching Big Brother Up Late on Tuesday night (this is so, so, so shameful!)

* Secretly wished bad karma on friend who did not want to leave tip at restaurant last night.

* Read NW magazine cover to cover while in the bath..
- took particular joy in reading about Britney Spears' slobbish behaviour and tell all book that ex-bodyguards are planning on writing.
- read Tom Cruise and Katie article and laughed cruelly about them mistaking their new child's name: Suri to mean "princess" when expert has come out claiming it means "pickpocket".
- read article about man with penis thickness lager than wrist TWICE (okay, I actually read the thickness bit FIVE TIMES!)

* thinking of buying this

* used crimper on hair because I was bored - then actually enjoyed the look and pretended I was Cindy Lauper in front of mirror for ...quite a long time actually.

* have read the Aries daily star sign on cainer.com every day this week.

* stayed in bed till 1pm today.

* engaged in behaviour that may send me blind...kept doing it anyway.

* ate scones for breakfast AND lunch.

* drank 3 cups of coffee between 8.30am - 9.15am on Friday morning.

* had conversation with another teacher that can only be given the title; Which dads at the school do you think are hotties?

* lied about being busy so that I didn't have to help at the school disco.

* used another teachers' photocopy code at the photocopier yesterday without asking.

* had a serious conversation with my privates.

gee wiz, how am I supposed to achieve redemption I ask you?