Monday, April 03, 2006

bonjour paris

Have spent the day trying to pretend I am not a teacher but instead a first class flight attendant on the way to Paris, swooshing between various patrons more wine Sir? Care to join the mile high?. I think it had something to do with not quite getting round to planning for the preps (this is almost becoming a ritual isn't it?) which put me into a spiral of not actually wanting to be a teacher and then finding it easier just to pretend I wasn't. The whole charade went out the window when JB started acting up (or 'acting out' as we say in the biz) which turned me straight back into the grumpy troll I normally am. Oh well.

I've realised with my one year of teaching prep that one must always plan properly for them (well, if you want to get anything done that is). I came up with a sailboat on the water theme, inspired by Monet (would have been Ken Done if I could find some ready art work in this joint! bloody hell). The whole school is doing a water theme this term, so I guess it kind of fits..through squinty eyes..maybe..sort of. It turned out sort of shit, but I can't quite figure out if that's because they are five years old and have hardly any fine motor coordination or because I am utterly shit. Perhaps a bit of both.

The first half of lunch was not spent having lunch but mulling over dilema about R's wedding in Port Douglas. First of all, how in high heaven can it cost $800 dollars to fly return within Australia when one can go to New Zealand for almost the same dosh? I find it hard to believe that QLD is really that good - honestly, I'm imagining little pineapples and bananas dancing around or something. Am I really that far off? (Phil, set me straight)! Secondly, this price does not include the $400 a night hotel room. If I could somehow turn it into a holiday then the flight would be justified, but since I need to be back in Melb for another wedding then I can't. I want to go, but then again - I don't know if I can really afford that right now (read: ever). Then again, maybe I should just go anyway and worry about money later.

The second half of lunch was not spent having lunch but instead running to my car (feeling the pain of 10,000 daggers in my feet from wearing the dreaded new shoes - dumb idea in the art room) and speeding home to pick up some documents I had left on the bench and then running back to car (sure that feet were bleeding by now) and speeding back to school before the bell went. I got there in time but I think I have crippled myself.

Then I spent 2 hours after school trying to explain to a new teacher how the swimming programme works. She is taking it over this year. It was a lost cause and so I ended up just working out the figures (oh, this is laughable since I am so bad at anything remotely money based) and smoothing out the wrinkles. Sometimes it's just easier to do things yourself, you know?

So yeah, fun day.
..Never did quite get to Paris in the end.