Wednesday, April 05, 2006

just wondering..

sometimes the kids will come and visit me in the art room and show me pictures they've drawn at home, or books about artists that they've come across. Sometimes they'll interrupt me in the hallways while I have a cup of dripping coffee in my hand(with me, the cups of coffee are always dripping or spilling everywhere - case in point: 10 mintues ago I spilt my coffee and then slipped on the spillage. Grade 6 teacher looking out her window pissed herself laughing at me. ugh) and let me know little tidbits of information they've learnt about a certain artist ("mum said Van Gogh died because he ate paint" - honestly parents!). Sometimes they'll just run up and smile at me sweetly or tell me I'm doing a good job (especially hilarious coming from 5 year olds).

It's kind of cool.

Of course, I keep thinking "why are they telling *me* this stuff?" then I remember I'm the art teacher.
..not really *owning it* yet am I?

Cross your fingers that it keeps raining so I won't have to do yard duty after school!

Also, I'm having the flu shot today. I've never done this before. I'm actually not a believer in the flu shot - it's a load of shite. Viruses change composition all the time! But somehow peer pressure has gotten the better of me and I've gone with the crowd here who is having it (all but 2 teachers). Who wants to bet I'll get sick within a week of having it? I'm pretty scared of needles. I know this will hurt...yeah, okay I'm shitting myself. I'm such an idiot!

The artist is driving me a bit bonkers by not turning up when she's supposed to. If she doesn't come tomorrow to work with the kids doing clay then I'll go insane! I have no idea how to paint these things! Should I just make it up?