Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the melancholy

Have had Daydream in Blue (i monster) followed by Protection (Massive Attack) playing in the art room on high rotation all day long. Yes, it's that time again folks, "the melancholy" has somehow caught up. I guess it tends to do so every now and again.

Sometimes I feel like my life is on hold while I slack off and watch Australia's Next Top Model (highly recommend for lovers of absolute shite, such as me) or piss fart around. Then somehow, like a commercial break slicing through the action I realise that oh my, I am a total idiot. What happened to that whole "living your life" thing? Enter "the melancholy". Nevermind, it's only ever a momentary blip, then it's back to normal programming. Probably, 'normal programming' should be me fixing the mess up, eh?

I feel very out of touch with everyone and everything lately. It's like I'm Tasmania - detatched with noone really wanting to admit I'm part of it all. Maybe it's just me who doesn't want to admit it.