Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Today I went to a PD about the movie making project. It was a PD that although was not actually about the project, was held by a school that had already gone through it and had an example of the DVD to show us. Their movie was good. I mean good (witty, well shot, fabulous script, good editing etc) and now I'm extremely intimidated.

I managed to get another teacher involved in the project which is lucky, but I hope that we will work together rather than her taking over. She's is described as a bulldozer by most. I hate politics like this, but I need to make sure that I'm not pushed out of my own project now. I can't seem to win whichever way I turn with this.

The PD was interesting. We learnt how to use Premiere Elements, but I already knew some of the stuff because I made a video with my grade a couple of years ago and edited it using PE - so I wasn't too intimidated by that. The rest of the PD was more about introducing multimedia within the classroom - and using it to integrate into the curriculum. The other teacher and I have a grander vision for the school that involves graduation DVDs and news reels produced by students so this was good.

As an aside, can I just mention that this school had an abundance of good looking men?! Why and how did they all end up there? My school has: a few married men, a few divorced women, a couple of pathetic spinsters and a bunch of almost pregnant women. This bites for the pathetic spinsters.

Today, I was sitting next to an extremely droolworthy guy (okay, he was a baby at 22 - which in guy years is actually 12 - but I can look). Then he put his glasses on and my jaw almost made a thud/splash as it dropped on the table into the drool pool I'd made earlier. Somehow glasses just do it for me. The presenter also was like some male model straight out of the country road catalogue (though was a completely stuck up and thus good looking points were completely and utterly eradicated by the end of the day) and the other teachers we saw in the film were stunning also. I guess all the cute boys are told to apply to the same school or something.

Anyway, good to know that eyes got a work out as well as brain.

Speaking to #1 earlier; she told me that at her school today the Easter Bunny came to visit (guy in plushie suit). He went out for a smoko in the middle of the "performance" and then came back and hugged all the female teachers and groped their arses.
<3 <3 <3