Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the penis envy entry

Long and smooth, and just the right thickness - enough to get the job done properly, if you know what I mean. I run my fingers along the hard length and up to the tip and back down again. Then again and again. I could do this all day. I grap, touch and grip hard trying to get as much as I can in my hand - the volume swells, it's too much for me now and so I use two hands, splaying my fingers wide hoping to fit more in. Where the constant squeezing and gripping doesn't do total justice I lower my lips until they too are full. I gather and let go, back and forth, up and down I go - until some spills out onto the floor and I pause to collect it in my mouth, the only avaliable means. It is now a mission to see this to a satisfying conclusion, we are so close - nothing could be better at this point. And then after the effort of groping, and squeezing, of feeling and grabbing it comes to a head and my receptacle is full.

I love sorting out the new jumbo sized texta markers into containers.