Sunday, April 09, 2006

raindrops on roses...

I like hanging out. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on going out or creating a big party atmosphere but I can't be bothered with any of that. My favourite part of the party is when most of the drunktards have passed out in the gutter and the main stayers have gathered around the heater with the last of the vodka and chips and the discussion is a merry-go-round of different topics. I'm pretty boring that way, I guess. I like hearing what people think about..stuff.

...After the topic about whether we'd recognise the signs of the victimisation apparent in nazi germany happening in Australia (perhaps against another race) today and be able to stop it (answer: probably not). Which, incidentally is interesting because the whole point of studying history is to learn from our mistakes, and yet the same old problems keep resurfacing. What exactly have we humans learnt?

Anyway, after that topic #2 brought up movie she had seen called Murderball. It's a documentary about wheelchair "rugby". Basically it's about these men who were once very able, active and adventurous people but through some kind of accident have become crippled in some way and are wheelchair bound. Their everyday lives are a struggle of learning how to reuse their limbs in new ways (if they even have limbs that is). But, despite the inability to be physically independent they play this violent, physical game that would scare the crap out of any able bodied athlete, for sure.

Apparently the documentary is very inspiring and I'll be looking it up soon but our discussion afterwards was about the women who are attracted to them. Apparently many of the men have hot girlfriends. This is all well and good except #2 brought up the quintessential comment and question so, girls will go for these guys - they have a huge following, but I can't imagine the same dedication from guys about courageous women in wheelchairs, can you?
and we all sat around in silence looking at eachother for a second.

nope, I can't. Are we really so different from eachother? I find this fascinating.

Then we went back to Nazi's but this time coupling with The Sound of Music because G had gone to the singalong at Her Majesty's Theatre (how did I miss this?). Now, The Sound of Music has held a special fascination for me since I was a little girl and pulled the curtains off the windows and paraded around in them singing "My Favourite Things" (it didn't go down too well with the parentals) and of course that my secret little teaching theme tune is "I Have Confidence". I have seen this movie so many times it's criminal, but I still don't understand why on earth did Captain Von Trapp even considered Baroness Elsa Schrader when Fräulein Maria quite obviously loves him, loves his children (even though they are bratty and answer to whistles), has an angelic singing voice and would go on to save them all from the Nazis with her convent connections? HELLO, Captain *ding, ding ding*! What took you so long? God knows how the man got so far in the navy without having a clue. The Baroness has a hot bod but was a dried up old prune with no heart. I really don't understand it at all.