Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stress and Joy!

Praise Jesus for the four day weekend! I pretty much spent my weekend eating bad food and sleeping 'till noon everyday. Was it worth feeling like utter shit when being reminded YET AGAIN what a loser in love I am by my whole family? Hell, yes. It was a small price to pay for the privilege of showering at 2pm and eating chocolate for breakfast. Yes, Sir.

The other night at dinner E, L, S and I were talking about how everyone says that pregnant women glow and whether that was true or not. Even F (who is now pregnant) denies this is the case and that people just say it because it's just something one says to pregnant women. Now, F looks good, but she always did. Maybe you only glow if you're already a natural glower?! S, however insists they all glow. Who knows who is right? To me, they look the same as any other woman who has bothered to put on a coat of foundation and blush. I know I'm a cynic, but all the pregnant women I have ever known haven't been sleeping well, throw up a lot and have had very bad back/feet/breast/nerve issues while pregnant. Not really glowing material. Anyway, the point is that L turned to me and said that I always looked glowing during school holidays. Then everyone agreed. It's true. As soon as I get a break I relax and things are peachy - but give me a few days at school (literally only 2 or 3 days) and everything goes to shit again. They say that when people quit teaching they gain back 10 years of their life. I believe that.

Now that the 4 days are up and the first day back at work is over - my special little glow is well and truly gone.

Of course, today all the stress and insanity came rushing back because, well..work is a stress. Things have been building up for a while, but Easter has been this milestone that I've had in my head. A list of about 30 things needed to be done by Easter. Can you guess how many I've done? ..sigh, I've never been very good with setting myself goals and sticking to them. I always do better when there is someone threatening me with death. I'm too good at procrastination - way too good. I would be willing to bet that I am better at procrastination than anybody you can throw at me. Yay, for being #1 at something!

So, today when I woke up I tried to deny the fact that it was "Tuesday, after Easter" by squeezing my eyes shut and trying not to hyperventilate while I bit down on my pillow and screamed a little.
But by the time I got out of the shower I actually had heartburn because of it all! Who the hell gets heartburn? ugh. I wonder what an ulcer feels like? I hope I don't get one. I'd probably be a prime candidate because I tend to internalise everything. I should get back into yoga.

I got home today and I had a package from Amazon waiting. I'd forgotten I'd even ordered something. I love that! Finally Alan Moore's Watchmen and other assorted goodies! Joy.