Thursday, April 13, 2006

they see your every move

It's been a funny sort of day. Somehow because of Good Friday and other assorted reasons I forgot that I had grade 5/6 today. I thought I had another grade entirely. The lessons were a rather unplanned scenario of events that involved me umming and ahing for a bit and running about with my head in my hands before deciding on comic strips. It's a good way for me to see which children will be able to make a sequential story board for the movie project.

The lessons ended up being awesome. I like comics and most kids do too. In fact, most of the boys who are usually rowdy were absorbed and quiet today. I put on my crappy 80s music and soon everyone was bopping along. It's amazing what a bit of Private Eyes and I Melt with You will do for making everything happy. For some reason I was really into the 5/6s today appreciating all individuals rather than as a "class" of students.

The last class however were just nuts. In the end I kept them back and basically told them how upset I was about their behaviour. They looked near tears by the end of my little speech about being more of a team etc. I was almost in tears too actually. It's been a bit like that lately...

My fish, Moo-Moo Head (named for cow like pattern on body), is swimming very slowly at the moment. He is also bloated and sad, a la Elvis' last days before dying on the loo. I think he needs a pep talk..or water change. hm.

I'm glad it's the long weekend. You can take or leave Jesus, but chocolate is forever. That's my motto, anyway.