Tuesday, April 11, 2006


While I like feeling special, I'm not that big on being made a fuss over (and over and over)- so today my classes completely embarrassed me by singing many a rendition of happy birthday from the screaming version that could be heard all the way down the corridor to the sweetly tinkling choir of angels version. It was all very nice.

A few children gave me cards and little presents, but one particular family all came in to wish me a happy birthday. I don't actually mention my birthday to a lot of people so these guys remembered my birthday from a couple of years ago when I taught their daughter. I adored her and she was quite partial to me too. The family is closely related to a prominent white witch around these parts. I don't know if I wrote about this then but in one particular pagan ritual one night when they were dancing naked around the fire (her words) my little student's wish that she threw into the fire and repeated to the whole coven was to have me as a teacher again. I was a bit taken aback about being mentioned in a pagan ritual (LOVED the thought of my own very Catholic mother, horrified and trying to have me re-baptised) but also flattered. Lo and behold here I am manifested as her teacher again in Art Teacher form. Anyway, they came in especially with well wishes and presents. Teaching means that for some you are more than a teacher. I love that. Adore it actually.

In the staff room I was the most popular person because birthdays mean cake and cake means that we get something nice to eat at recess! Yay me! Staff at school find it quite funny that I'm woeing over the big TWO. EIGHT. when many of them have children that are the big TWO. EIGHT themselves, but I'm approaching 28 in a much calmer and happier fashion than I did 27. I think psychologically 27 seemed more daunting. 27 was the last train stop for many and that stuck in my head.

Am having another dinner tonight. Pray that it goes better than last night..

So, how's a girl in her late 20s supposed to behave anyway? Am I still allowed to sing crap songs into the hairdryer while pretending I'm Madonna? Is it okay to spend all of Sunday watching episodes of Dead Like Me on DVD? Can I still eat smarties for dinner every now and again? You tell me.