Thursday, May 11, 2006

break on through..

Work has been crazy-busy lately. I've been there no later than 9pm almost every night this week so far. Things are beginning to really catch up on me and I'm not quite sure how to handle the constant influx of extra stuff that seems to be building up. I have trouble "starting".

JB (ie: remember this) has been finally diagnosed with aspergers - yes, it has taken this long. Thank god the parents relented and agreed to the testing. Now he can qualify for assistance. I think there may be other things going on with him as well, but this is a good start.

Fucked up dream last night: Found Jim Morrison's grave by following the glow of tea lights. The cemetary was fashioned as an obstacle course, so had to go through ropes, up ladders and down slides to get there. When I got there it was empty but soon it filled up with people I knew - some family, friends and people I work with. We sat around discussing how we thought he *really* died. I can't remember any of the reasons we came up with. Then we were interrupted by a bunch of stoned, young tourists and had to leave.