Monday, May 29, 2006


Goes to show what I great cook I am - today I added a bunch of cinnamon to the vegetable soup because I thought it was the pepper bottle. I'm sure I will be an excellent addition to any kitchen. pfe. (tasted alright though).

Made a fool out of myself at the clay shop again (went back for more raku gold - thought of you phil, haha), by once again asking every question under the sun with regards to tile making. The owners of the shop actually remembered me from last week and the guy made fun of me for being so retarded. Okay, I pretty much agree with him. I told the owners about my bruised palms and they gave me a new method of dealing with the clay slabs that hopefully won't hurt me again tomorrow!

Read the book: Where is the Green Sheep? to the preps and then did an activity with that book to do with patterns and printmaking. The book is very cute, about all these special little sheep (bath sheep, moon sheep, scared sheep, brave sheep etc) but ..duh, where is the green sheep? So when the question came up I'd ask them where they thought the green sheep might be? They were quite gorgeous with their answers:
hiding in the closet.
driving to macdonalds
on his skateboard.
at the top of the tree and can't get down.
at a party.
he went to the toilet.
in a hot air balloon.
on a holiday.
in the big brother house
I realised today how much I miss reading with kids - at the same time, if I was in the classroom I don't know if I would have realised their cuteness as much.

I am loving Michael's exit from the Big Brother house. Talk about hilarious. His last message to the housemates is a warning which names names of people to look out for and then he goes head to head with Gretel (of course she wins - since she has something that he doesn't...intelligence). It's about time people weren't so happy and nice when they've been booted by the general public.

Dinner last night with E and L and E's husband turned interesting when E said she was insulted by a comment made to her that she is a total flirt. Am I a flirt? I'm so not. Hubby and I both answered yes simultaneously (and without a breath in between - then started pissing ourselves laughing) while L deliberated and looked uncomfortable. E said that flirting is only flirting when there is an "end game" otherwise it's just being friendly. But I think that 'end game' is more complex than simply ending in sex - end game could also mean trying to make oneself feel like they've "still got it" or getting some validation from the opposite sex - and definitely has nothing to do with friendliness. I said as much. I've decided that things are better when I don't say what I think. oops.

ps: go here to see my pig personality (don't ask). I don't know how people come up with such good drawings using only a little red button on a lap top. It's bloody hard - I can hardly click on 'publish post' without losing my way. You should do one too :P