Wednesday, May 17, 2006

favourite time of year..

Do you know what's happening at the school right this very second? Hands down, it's my favourite time of year.

mmm, yes.

There was scary talk at one stage of disbanding the whole process because of the negative health behaviours it promotes. I say, fuck that. Chocolate promotes loving, sweet, happy times, it's not bad. Why pick on chocolate? What did chocolate ever do to anyone? Chocolate loves everybody.

You see my school is one of those schools who are really into healthy lunches and last year we changed all our policy documents to include what we're doing to improve health at the school. Even staff training days at the school now have healthy food...like vegetables served. The last thing you want when you're dealing with kids is healthy stuff...like vegetables. What kind of comfort do vegies bring anyway? What you want is products which carry a lot of caffine, a lot of sugar and a lot of fat - is that too much to ask? They're all in the healthy diet pyramid aren't they? But since the chocolate drive brings in a shit load of money we kept it going this year (thank god).

It's been sort of hard to get at them though. Every time I walk past the office there's a throng of teachers pushing their hands into the box and promising to pay back later. It's nice to have a friend like chocolate waiting by to comfort you when the chips are down.

Today, for instance when I found out that yes I will be writing 421 reports and that yes I should have started my assessment weeks ago - and even having a term planner would have been a good way to go. Instead of crying, I found myself face first in a box of assorted chocolates.

Praise Cadburys!