Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink..

* 3 hours sleep on Sunday night. I can never sleep on Sunday.
* didn't set up art room properly and this put me off balance for rest of class.
* JB playing up by yelling and carrying on.
* exhausted, more than tired.
* forgot lunch ...not that I would have had time to eat it anyway.
* used time release to drive all over town, pulling down art displays in local shopping centre and then across the other side of melbourne buying clay.
* embarrassed myself at clay shop by staying for an hour asking mundane bimbo like questions.
* didn't get back to school until well after the bell, had to lug clay to artroom..it was heavy - stayed at school planning until late.
* realised didn't have all the proper materials to do what I needed to do the next day - not happy - had to rethink plan.
* went home grumpy and tired.

* 2 hour sleep intermittent with dreams about big brother (for fucks sake!)
* woke late and so didn't get to the store before school in order to buy what I needed for lesson (ugh)
* kept pressing snooze anyway until I slept so late I actually had to run to the shower.
* realised did not do homework for first aid, couldn't find book.
* ran around for an hour setting up clay while worrying about first aid and other things I needed to do.
* 5 minutes before first lesson starts teacher ran into AR begging me to do her lunchtime yard duty because she was going on an excursion and forgot to get a replacement. She looked so flustered I immediately agreed. I already do 1.5 hours extra yard duty every week on top of my normal quota - yet another lunchtime gone.
* all lessons with clay were extremely challenging. Every class was chaotic because -it's clay and they were excited. I was emotionally as well as physically exhausted by this stage with no sleep and feeling like I wasn't getting a break all day and so wasn't on my game. Kids went in for the kill.
* found book and tried to get first aid done in the minutes I had between classes or while kids were packing up.
* got to end of day and felt like crap, on verge of tears (becuase I'm a dumb girl). With clay there's always extra to pack up and clean. Just feeling generally bad about everything and tired.
* realised had first aid for 4 hours after school.

the rest of the week isn't looking that good either..