Sunday, May 21, 2006

questions that have been bugging me*

Why do men get so defensive about the toilet seat thing? Is it a fair compromise to put the whole lid down instead?

Do men look at other men's penises at the urinal?

Are men completely visual when it comes to women?

Do men and women look for the same thing in a relationship - love, trust, honesty, sex? If so, then why is it so hard to get our shit together?

Do people jump into marriage too quickly?

Why do so many people get divorced these days?

which is better: pretty bitch or ugly nice girl?

Why do men talk trash about women?

Do women expect too much from their male partners these days?

Which is better: in love sex or dirty sex?

Why do so many married men (70%+ last I heard) have extra marital affairs?

Are women who want a career, a husband and a child asking for way too much?

*based on conversations I've had with guys and girls lately.