Tuesday, May 23, 2006

rolling pin and the damage done

we started on the tile making today. Let me tell you that Raku Gold may be a cool name to say but it's a bitch to roll out into slabs.
Picture girl standing with rolling pin,
pushing rolling pin,
pin stays imbedded in clay and legs slide under her instead.
Girl, again - rolling pin in hands
firm grip
pushing forward,
legs fly out backwards
girl laughs - takes off shoes
rolling pin in clay
pushing forward again
clay rolled slightly flatter - 2cm worth
feet slip.
picture girl
rolling pin in one hand
bashing clay with rolling pin repeatedly
kids walk past
"trying to work your frustration out Miss?"
"Well, I teach you two don't I?"
"oh hahaha"
girl using both hands to bash clay flatter.
Try doing that for almost 6 hours straight.
girl has bruises on her palms.

In other news I am now an accredited level 2 first aider. God help anyone when I'm on the job!