Wednesday, May 24, 2006

they keep pulling me back in...

Due to the fact that our maternal DNA is full to the brim with the crazy gene, Bro and I are in the process of taking over the family business. Rather than go into the particulars of this, I'll just say that this involves dealing with fucktards and money. If there are two things in the world that I hate it's fucktards and money. Things have gotten to breaking point about the business and so I suggested that if we don't take over soon we're all going to die because I will kill us all. Yes, I am primed to KILL!

Ma, who is at the head of this whole extravaganza is ..how do I put this nicely?.. um the most paranoid woman in the world when it comes to business (okay, when it comes to anything). Sure, she is a hard arse and actually quite good with money, but she also has been known to ring lawyers, partners, clients, associates ANYONE and yell and accuse people of things they haven't done! This then starts a spiral of angry letters and the like that I end up having to deal with. This is the main problem - I don't want to deal with crap that other people have started. I deal with a whole bunch of shit that sends me crazy all day. I am stressed out everyday - and then I deal with extra shit outside of work hours as well. I'm sorry to be a petulant child about it, but I can't help wondering what I've done wrong here to keep getting the short end of the stick in this life of mine. Was I Stalin in my past life? Maybe that's the answer. Anyway, of course the business itself is an ongoing problem in that it is a living breathing organism, but I figure that if you extinguish the fuse (ma) the main bomb is rendered useless. In all seriousness I have been balancing on the edge of hysteria about the whole thing for quite a while. It's just been very, very hard :(

I however, as you may have realised, am generally bad with business and money. Bro is probably better, but both of us have this thing of really not giving a toss about worshipping the cash and coinage. We're not clueless but we're just not cut throat - not that you should be in this business...but then maybe every business requires getting your freakshow on. I figure though, the stress of dealing with the problems created by the maternal unit will be abated if the maternal unit is eliminated from the equation. Is this a dumb idea?

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're about to lose it? Really, truly lose it! I'm not dealing very well with things lately.