Tuesday, May 02, 2006

things going wrong

This morning I went to the wrong school for the thinking skills PD. I turn up at the normal school where we usually meet for things like this but noone was there. Gee, I think - I wonder where everyone is? Of course I hadn't brought my leaflet along with me so I thought I might try the local high school instead - no dice! Already I am 20 minutes late and counting and have no idea where I am supposed to be! Luckily someone with a clue walked past and told me where the PD was being held.

Yes, *my* school. Nope, don't need the address thanks..err. That would be, the place I go to work at everyday. The place, where if there was a PD held there, especially one I was attending I should know about it, right? Talk about feeling like a complete and utter idiot.

Then, of course since all parents drive their kids to school these days I couldn't even get a car park at my own school so I had to park illegally in a no parking zone and try to get past the prin who was on yard duty without appearing like I'm late. I don't think she saw me, but the illegal park probably gave it away dammit!

So I walk in and the guy in charge is laughing at me for turning up at the wrong place. I leave out the bit about going to the high school too, because I was just too mortified at my own bimbo-like behaviour to ever reveal that as well - and he's all like well, don't worry - someone actually turned up at [insert high school name here]! Can you believe it? Yeah har har what an IDIOT *that* person must be... great - good news travels fast, they must have called him. I hope he never finds out it was me.

So, I'm sitting there waiting for the learning to take me over but I just couldn't get into it. My mind was in the clouds, running up the walls, peeking over shoulders, engaging in naughty behaviour... There were a lot of thoughts distracting me. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off. It was basically a big waste of a day for me. After the PD, I had another one immediately following - First Aid. That one was fun.

I am a bit strange about gross stuff. I love hearing about different illnesses and injuries but I can't take the heat. I love knowing how to solve these injuries and make them better but some of the descriptions of glass embedded in wounds and vomiting up blood had me unable to hold a pen to write things down afterwards. I felt very weak I guess and sort of funny in the knees. If I had been standing I'm sure I would have had to sit down or something. Does that make me a big wuss? Still, since it was the end of the day and half the class had crappily applied bandages to their heads, we were all in good spirits.

The teacher who was in my art room replacing me today left it an absolute pig sty. He is on my shit list - BIG time because he also touched the mural and now one of the tiles fell off! I was livid, especially since I explicitly wrote in the note that the mural area was out of bounds. Jesus christ, how hard can it be to follow instructions? I will have to go at the crack of dawn tomorrow to clean everything up before he does it all over again (he is in the art room again tomorrow).