Tuesday, June 06, 2006


11am (yes a time, you see, I have a feeling I will be editing this thing a lot today - read on to find out why).

I was able to rearrange my classes today so that I only had one class this morning and the rest of the day off to start my assessment and reporting. I don't have any more time release for the rest of the week so I'd better make the most of this one!

..I've just spend 1 hour cleaning the art room sink.
I used a corrosive spray that smells like the hairdressing salon (It had the word "BAM" on it to signify the grime going *BAM* as it dissapears I think). It had all these warnings on it like "DO NOT USE ON ALUMINIUM!!!!!!!!" (okay, it didn't have all those exclamation marks though). Jesus, what kind of spray doesnt work on alum? I didn't wear a mask and now I feel a bit sick. I hope I don't have chemical poisoning, that would suck. On the plus side, I have discovered that the tiles near the sink where I put my buckets (you know, the ones that got stolen at the begining of the year) are actually beige and not murky brown. Who'd have thunk it, huh? I feel very much like martha stewart, minus the felony charge (though, who knows? Perhaps in my future..).

Sometimes I get on little cleaning binges. Normally I am what might refer to as a slob or a piler and stacker (like making piles..never clean them up). But when I get hormonal or am avoiding doing something important or am doing some cleaning for someone else I get extremely tidy all of a sudden and will spend hours making everything pretty and clean. For instance, when I'm on staff room duty it pains me to see people put the flowery mugs with the white mugs. Why do people *do* that? Can't they see that the white mugs belong together and look nicer when they are all lined up prettily on the shelf? Why ruin the look kids!?! why?!

Anyway, the point is that I spent ONE HOUR cleaning ONE SINK!
Perhaps I should get round to this reporting thing...


Jesus, I've lost a whole pile of major assessment. How could this happen? I've searched everywhere?! Do I make it up? Do I pretend it never happened? What do I say to parents who want this precious child art back? I'm up shit creek.

Also, how do you make "drawing picture of self with texta" sound vaguely educational?


One comment done. good lord, what on earth have I been doing for the past 4 hours - let's break it down.

1 hour cleaning sink (v. important job)
1/2 hour coffee break with the teachers (one must not forget to be social)
1/2 hour lunch (perhaps I could have written while eating)
10 minutes looking for the approrpiate CD of soothing brain energising music to play - (v.important)
1 hour staring off into space, worrying about lost assessment and blogging (not in one go mind you. This was done in blocks of about 5 mins here and there).
15 minutes rearranging work desk so I can fit my lap top on it.

so, by my calculations that leaves me about 35 minutes of SOLID work I've done today so far. And what have I done? One prep comment.


Okay that is *it* enough of this bullshit of doing nothing but staring off into space and wondering whether my sink cleaning is adequate! I'm staying at school until all four main curriculum statements for my report are done. The first one only took 5.5 hours. I figure if I keep going I'll be finished by about 7am tomorrow, which gives me about enough time to set up for my first class. woo.


second curriculum statement done. I'm getting better at this - only 1.5 hours and had time to try and upload photos of the artwork for you to see as well but didn't work - I'll keep trying.


Done!! Now that I've done my statements I only have 421 reports to actually write. ayayaya...oh wait a minute.

11am (Next day)

somehow lost all data! Am almost beyond words :(