Sunday, June 04, 2006

how to make a pre-wedding quilt

8 parts good girlfriends.

1 part discussion about whether hen's weekend is a sexist term - equal part discussion about whether calling it a women's weekend would mean we'd have to dance naked in the moonlight and make menstural blood paintings.

3 parts driving down to the peninsula with Kylie playing on volume 30 (1 part knowing all the words to Especially for You)

5 parts wine
1 part headache.

10 parts junk food (lots of chocolate, thank god).

3 parts interrogating the bride about her groom

3 parts advice giving
"this the part where we tell you about the evils of the one eyed snake"

1 part learning about the "truth" about childbirth (um...eww).

1 part locking ourselves out of the house so that the guy from next door had to come over with his paint spatula and screwdriver to help us out (and call us a bunch of 'silly women' and 'bloody city slickers' - which of course we are).

1 part realising that since I am a silly woman it would be most wise to look for a guy that has manly skills (like prying open a door using only a paint spatula and a screwdriver).

1 part getting there early (that *never* happens to me) and going down to the chilly beach and watching the sailboats bob up and down while reading the paper.

1 part contemplating nipple tassels and exactly how they work (and why).

1 part snuggling under warm blankets

5 parts absolutely ridiculous discussions..mostly started by me (see: nipple tassles)

1 part giving up my nice bed for a crappy one and not being able to get to sleep all night.

1 part really good steak at the local pub.

3 parts drunken games ending in arguments over who won which point.

1 part interesting discussion over whether it is okay for women to plan on having a baby by themselves - if it looks like there is no chance of guy turning up.

1 equal part interesting discussion over whether one should marry someone over pure friendship (ie: not love) - agreed by both parties- just so you can have a baby and is that preferable to doing it yourself? (one of the girls is seriously contemplating this at the moment).*

1 part awesome hot breakfast and discussion over morning coffee about whether men feel redundant during child birthing and what they must be thinking.

lay out squares so they fit.
present to bride with a pretty bow on top.

*what do you think about that?