Thursday, June 15, 2006

not feeling very gay.

A group of kids started taunting one boy in the grade and calling him 'gay' today. The poor kid was just cowering while they all ganged up on him. Poor thing. I very nearly lost it and had to stop the class to have 'the talk' (first the "pooing your pants talk" now this?). You know which talk I mean: the discrimination against gays is the same as discrimination against race talk. They got that.

Why is it that people still don't get it though? Being gay shouldn't make someone a second class citizen and quite frankly homophobia is as bad as racism. Why are people such boneheads anyway? How hard is it to just accept that people have slight differences and just get on with it?

Sometimes I woe at the state of the world.

So the gay thing has been in the media lately anyway with the Liberal government interventing to stop homosexual civil unions in the ACT. Here's another article too. What's that - The Libs going against anything that isn't a virgin giving birth to the blessed and then chaining herself to the kitchen sink while she takes her piece of shit for an excuse maternity leave and then sqeezes out another for her country? Wow, that's a surprise wouldn't think the libs would be the ones to pick on gays and lesbians.

Is it just me or are we Australians actually spiraling back in time? Cause I could swear I got up this morning and it was 1954 complete with cold war with certain countries and general abuse of civil rights.

Oooh, but marriage is so sacred! We cannot allow that to be tainted! Yeah right, you know if marriage was so sacred noone in Hollywood would ever be allowed to walk within 2 feet of a bridal store. Case in point: TomKat, Brangelina, K-Fed and Brit. I mean seriously, if the government wants evidence against how sacred marriage actually is these days then Little Johnny Howard needs to go buy the latest issue of NW and read all the Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards antics in there.

Why is it that it's okay for Bec and Lleyton to get married and subject this country to a spawn of mini mutant tennis playing crap actors and then probably get sick of eachother and no doubt be featured on the front cover of Australian Women's Weekly in a gross display of public divorce but gays can't walk down the damn isle? What is so wrong with gay people getting marrried? I don't get it.

I especially don't see why the church is playing into this debate when it is obviously a government/law issue. When will we elect a government that will finally tell the church to shut their pie holes and concentrate on delivering a sermon that is actually interesting and relevant instead of pissing and moaning about gays? I would love to know how much longer we're going to be living under the guise of separation of church and state and instead actually SEPARATE them.

I truly don't understand what is so wrong with gay marriage. What makes heterosexual marriage more worthy of law and acceptance than gay marriage - isn't love and commitment, love and commitment regardless of gender?