Tuesday, June 13, 2006


* Did anyone else get a how the hell did that happen? feeling when Australia won against Japan last night in the soccer? The Herald Sun called it a "Miracle" -Yep, we're behind you 100% boys. We're all feeling a bit special now down this neck of the woods now though. P.

Of course, staying up to watch it meant I only got about 4 hours sleep (that's bad)
But since I was also grading pieces of art while watching it I got my prep reports done (that's good!).
But now I'm really tired and might not get any reports done tonight (that's bad)
But at least I'll get a good night's sleep and maybe I'll be up in time to watch the Croatia/Brazil match (that's good!).
..I think I might have to invest in a slab of my friend Red Bull in order to get everything done and dusted by the end of the week (that's bad).
But it will probably be the difference between crashing and staying up (that's good)

* One of the staff who had a baby last year has brought him in to say hello. Babies sure are wiggly and cute. Bloody stupid biological clock and clucky feeling: be gone!

* I made the appointment with the psychic (I'm sure the more rational of you are thrilled to hear it!) - I'll let you know if I'm going to get run over by a truck or something.

* I've gone off big brother a bit (read: a lot). This is the first year where the housemates have truly been boring -all of them. Not even the oh so shocking "I'm gay" announcements could turn this bunch into something more than a yawntastic festival. Besides isn't practically everybody gay now? If someone came out as straight it'd be more shocking I reckon. They should get a whole gay house and put one straight person in there. Now that would be cool. You'd think at least the boob jobs in the house would be kind of interesting also, but really - they aren't. Boob jobs are highly crap IMO. Do men like them? Personally I think they're creepy and may come alive at night and kidnap young children and smother them to death. Just a thought.

* I was thinking about the game of Gay Chicken I witnessed at the pub the other night. Two straight guys facing off for a tie breaker in a pub quiz. In case you're not familiar with the term, gay chicken is when two guys go in for the kiss and the first one to pull away loses - sort of like when you get two cars speeding head on towards eachother and one swerves out of the way. It's about having nerves of steal... or something.

Why do so many straight men find gayness such a challenging concept? If you're straight and you know it then what's the big fucking deal if one drunk guy thinks you might be gay? I can understand if everyone you know starts giving you a hard time about it, but seriously would that happen from a game of gay chicken? Does kissing a guy in a game of gay chicken make a straight guy gay at all? I don't think it does at all. Why is it okay for women to engage in this kind of behaviour with less hard feelings that men seem to give themselves?

Anyway, in this game our contender wouldn't even lean in a little. His wife was giving him the "no way, you can forget about sex for the rest of our marriage if you ever try" look - so he had no choice really. But I doubt he would have gone in anyway. If it was my husband and he didn't go for it I'd be mighty unimpressed that he lost us the game to tell you the truth. Does that make me weird?