Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the right kind of man

Firstly, ugh. ARGHH! What the hell was THAT? Penalty kick? Oh please! Now, I know that soccer is this game where sooking it up in order to get a free kick is what you just do. I understand this because the kids do it at school when they want to get out of doing something or want a little sympathy but the refs really need to handle it like we at school do "aww, just splash some water on it and it'll be right". I feel the "just splash some water on it" way of dealing with things should be introduced into the game of soccer - and perhaps in the gaza strip too. Maybe then we could have avoided a crappy end to a game that should have come to a more organic end. Now this isn't sore losing talking. Oh no, given we had gone to golden goal time I think we would have lost anyway. It was just a crappy way to go.

I have been de-flowered, so to speak and had my first Krispy Kreme. I agreed to "go with" to FountainGate as long as I didn't have to wait in line. I have a bit of a problem waiting. I've never been to FG before so I thought I could go do some shopping instead. Shopping is fun. Um, no. Talk about a festering hole in the middle of a festering hole. I sort of trudged around looking lost and forlorn while the crowd outside stood in line like a bunch of freakos. Why on earth did I agree to this anyway? Never again folks. In the end I think waiting in line would have been preferable. Anyway the donuts were donuty and yum. Unless they move to civilisation though I won't be partaking further. Bye bye KK.

F had her baby. It's a boy! I can't wait to see him. Maybe we can raise him, communal style to be the right kind of man and he can bring joy to some lady! God knows something needs to be done about the state of men in the world! #2 used to wait until her brother was asleep and sneak into his bedroom and whisper "pot bellies on women are hot, pot bellies on women are hot" into his ears while he slumbered. I have sat bro down and given him the low down on treating women nice. We see it as community service. It really is.

At #2's wedding, her groom got up and gave this heartfelt speech about becoming a man and how lucky he was to be surrounded by so many good role models that helped him to become not only a man, but the right kind of man - and that help is what he attributes to being able to find the woman that would make him happy for the rest of his life (yep, awesome right? Where *are* these guys?).

What makes a man the right kind of man anyway? The list I've come up with is the kind of man that knows how to be kind, how to love both women and men (ie: with respect), how to give, how to keep peace, how to be honourable, how to fix mistakes graciously, how to look beyond the superficial, how to cherish, how to be a good role model for their own sons, how to protect/provide and not only knows the difference between right and wrong but is able to face up to the responsibility of living by that. I really want to stress, this is not about being picky. This is just what I think makes a man something worthy of being called a man. All the other stuff that goes along with that is personality based and quite individual - that's what changes the right kind of man into the perfect man for a particular woman. I don't know, maybe I got the wrong end of the stick. It's food for thought anyway.