Friday, June 16, 2006

the shining

The only time I've ever been to this side of town was once when I got lost in the depths of what they used to call the rural urban fringe one time and drove (like an idiot) aimlessly into the new housing estates surrounded by empty lots of land. These are the places yet to be populated with young couples affording their first home. At that time instead of stopping I kept driving onwards and into the darkness until the only light was that of my high beams on the road directly ahead, and then the tar stopped ..and the road was like a frayed ribbon and then nothing. I tend to do this a lot - I go until I'm left with nothing but a dead end and then I turn around and try another way. I don't always think things out. I don't always stop, plan and then go. I go. I make the mistake. I stop. I reflect on what just happened. I go.

There are better ways to operate I'm sure, but they sure are more boring.

The psychic lead me into a room and commenced touching me (best grope I've had in a while...err) and telling me things. She started with "oh my god you've got a lot going on. HIGH ENERGY! HIGH STRESS". I guess that's everyone, huh? That's what I thought to myself - then she described exactly to a tee who was stressing me out and since I've never mentioned them to well, anyone.. god it was pretty weird to hear some of that.

I don't know if I want to talk about what the psychic said - not exactly anyway. She didn't freak me out or anything, but gave me a few home truths mixed with absolutely accurate personal and physical descriptions of one particular person in my life. She told me very few things I didn't already know and that's interesting because they also happen to be extremely personal things that I don't often (read: never) talk about - but these details were specific, not vague. This was not an experience that I walked away from wondering whether this or that is going to come true. Sure there were a few key predictions that will be interesting to see if they pan out, but apart from that it was mostly a this is who you are - this is what you do but what you'll end up doing is related in a way but not the same - and this is who you're thinking about and this is exactly what they're like and why you are connected but ultimately ...not. You need to deal, girl.

I *do* need to deal; with a lot of issues actually. Some things she said resonated very strongly. Nothing she said was a complete surprise. I know myself pretty well and also there are things I just know in general as well.

So, apparently I am particularly gifted with kids with difficulties (learning difficulties and behavioural difficulties) and am attracted to dealing with them [very true - yes they drive me nuts but they are also the ones I carry with me all day long] - child psychology is strongly around me [I always said I wanted to go into this but there were a few issues that stopped me from persuing it fully at the time that I was initially studying it]. Mentioned journalism but more as a passion . Will stay in this job for a while longer - but there will be more study and then something else (delving into the family business stuff. *sigh*). Also mentioned young children.
..not a spinster forever - he's a lil bit older, and we will meet in unusual way..he'll make me seriously laugh at first meeting and then that'll be it.

no shit. I could only ever fall for someone who totally had me at the funny bone.

there ya have it.